Quantico: (S02E01) "Kudove"

The last season of Quantico held me on by a thread when the show finally ended. I grew increasingly bored and annoyed as the season stretched on because of the constant back and forth of who the terrorist was. But despite my first season jitters, I still tuned in to watch the latest adventures of Alex and company.

This season is no different from the first, with the show runners deciding to write the same storyline and just adding new cast members. Alex is stuck in another training camp with Ryan, the recruits are all suspicious and in the end Alex is accidently caught in the middle of an explosion. Sound familiar? We also have our usual two storylines intersecting but this time the flash forward scenarios were TOO MUCH. I don’t remember being pushed around between plots this much. But maybe that’s because of the long break we’ve been on.

I know it sounds like the episode was a bust but honestly, I don’t feel like this is a premiere episode. I felt like I never left the old plot and continued with the same mystery. That being said, I did like the idea of the new threat being an entire organisation instead of one mystery terrorist. This means that a variety of characters could be the suspect and it will hopefully narrow down the list, making the search much more interesting.

I also loved the new cast, though we don’t get to hear much about them. Learning each recruits story will be fun to watch and that was always my favourite part about Quantico because I’m a big fan of character development.