The Good Place (S01E03) "Chapter 3: Tahani Al-Jamil"

As Eleanor tries to be a good person, she thinks of that note that was slipped through her door and who could it have been. She has one person in mind and even if she hated her, she’ll spend the day figuring her out.
Eleanor has a pretty good idea who has sent her that note that was slipped through her door and that person came in bring a nice planet for her house, Tahani Al Jamil. Of course, Eleanor never had like her from the beginning but she’ll prove to Chidi that Tahani isn’t who she said she is to be and she’ll prove it by bring her some fruit, pears. But when that failed, she offered to help Tahani to go around the neighborhood and make sure everyone is in the good spirit.
But to Eleanor, there was no bad thing about Tahani, not even her full name which means “Congratulations Beautiful” and she was a model too. When the two went around bring scones to people and Tahani getting complements, the two went back to Tahani’s house and had tea. But just before Eleanor left, she sneaks around the place and found her diary. and takes it back home.
When Eleanor comes back home, Chidi is there not to happy after Michael tried to get him interested in another hobby and that his 3600 page book stinks. But both Eleanor and Chidi gave each advise to each other, she telling him who cares what Michael thinks and also opens up to her about her attitude towards good/happy people.
Chidi get her to turn in that book and when she does, she hears Tahani crying. She tells Eleanor about how she thinks that Jianyu isn’t right for her.
Chidi tells Michel that he wants to keep working on academics and to write his book. The next morning, Eleanor wakes up and sees the plant that Tahani has given to her blossom back to form after yesterday’s bad naming calling lead to it dying slowly and burned into flames. Later that day, Michael, Tahani and Janet stopped by and talked to Eleanor as Tahani thought that she would be great helping Michael what caused the strange events.
As Eleanor got back home, she sees another note, thinking that she left it but it read to meet them at the Time Square that night.  She gets there and soon it’s no other than Jianyu, who speaks to her (some monk, right?).
She’s shock, but even more shocking is that not only does he think she doesn’t belong in The Good Place, but he doesn’t think him either and doesn’t know how he got here
I’d really enjoyed this episode, mostly the B-storyline with Chidi, Michael and Janet. It was hilarious watching Janet go from different kinds of personality modes each time we seem them at a different place for Chidi’s new job.
Not to mention the plant dying off in two steps. After three episodes in one week I’ve really enjoyed how we get a sudden cliffhanger, like the knock at the door, the note at the door and Jianyu saying he doesn’t belong and ask Eleanor for help.
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