The Night Shift (S03E04) "Three-Two-One"

It’s one of The Night Shift’s best episode of the season so far. So I’ll just leave it like that and get down to the recapping.
It’s the trail of the year in San Antonio, as a white man will get the verdict of whether he is guilty or not guilty in a shooting of a black man. Chaos as ruled the city with people on different sides. When the verdict gets to be announced the  suspect collapses in front of the judge and jury and soon taken to the Medical Center.
Topher, in a bit of a bad mood due to this event, has everyone on deck to help out. Kenny comes in late due to a cop pulling him over for speeding. He takes it out on mostly Paul, who doesn’t see his point of view.
When the suspect gets to the hospital, Jordan and Kenny are assigned to treat him. Jordan tries to find the cause of his collapsing. After finding nothing wrong from the test that they perform, there is still something that Jordan thinks is wrong. When the suspect goes into a seizure. Topher comes in and ask about blood sugar and when he tested it it came up undetected. It turns out that the patient has a tumor in his pancreas, not cancer, but he wishes it was.
Meanwhile, TC is out in the field with the police, being the medical adviser if someone gets shot or injured. Soon, a white cop and a black kid both get shot and TC being the only one needs some help. Topher sends Scott and Paul out in he field. TC takes care of the cop while Paul and Scott treat the black kid. At one point a decision was made on which had to go first to the Medical Center. TC’s went first, which didn’t quite go well with Paul who thinks the kid deserves to go.
TC and the cop head towards the Medical Center and there Drew helps him in surgery. There they find three bullets in the chest and soon after the cop goes cardiac arrest and never recovers. But the bullets left TC wondering that the gun the kid had was a .38 but the bullets he found were from a .40. He talks with the cop’s partner about it and she admitted to shooting him.
Back on the streets, Paul and Scott have their hands full with their patient. The crowds deserved the ambulance so they had to move the kid into a closed jewelry shop where Scott had to clap an artery. Soon the crowds get closer and causes a scene. This upset Paul even more along side that the kid should have gone first. After a trash can break the window, Paul goes out and ask for help. At first it didn’t go well but than Paul really stepped up made the leader of the group help them make room for the chopper to land.
While this was all going on, Topher wasn’t much having fun at all. Dealing with reporters isn’t his thing and when they kept asking about the cop and kid situation, he tries to clear it up but doesn’t. Shannon comes up with a perfect plan to shine the spotlight on a little boy who was separated from his mother and saved Topher from more embarrassment.
Paul and Scott gets to Medical Center, but can’t go upstairs to surgery so they did it in the ER. Soon the kid seems that he will make it but needed more surgery when he had to go upstairs.
After that he tells Jordan that he doesn’t regret shooting the guy, that he says was coming at him violently, that happen to be black. He tells her that he had not trouble talking to Kenny. But as he’s released from the hospital and taken back to jail, someone comes up to him and starts shooting him in the chest and head. Jordan and Kenny rush him back to the ER but there was nothing that they could do as brain matter was on the bed.
I’ll say this again, this happen to be one of the best episodes of the season so far. We got to see Kenny and Paul deal with this issue that were both in the opposite opinions until they realized what they have saw. This was Robert Bailey, Jr and JR Lemon’s best performance. It really felt like one of those TV movie of the week kind of thing.
You can catch The Night Shift Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.