The Strain (S03E05) “Madness”

Review: Oh, in the name of Odin the Allfather, this was a great episode. With the Master still nowhere to be found everyone is focusing on finding ways to fight strigois. Fet is working on his own and reporting to Justine his findings, and  Justine is losing her mind trying to keep the city safe.

I have to admit I was gladly surprised to see the dynamic between Eph and Dutch, I wasn’t sure about them working together, but they are an amazing combo. Setrakian and Quinlan also prove to see a great duo. I’m really happy to see them working together.

Sadly, Gus and Angel didn’t appear in this episode. Luckily, at least for me, Kelly and Zach didn’t appear either.

Justine visits a building which was attacked by strigois. She’s worried because these creatures are gaining ground, and zones which were supposed to be safe are not safe anymore. Tunnels have been cleaned, so they are clueless about where the vampires are coming from.

At Stoneheart Group, Eichhorst visits a very weakened Palmer and introduces him to a new associate: Sanjay Desai. Eichhorst asks Palmer about the status of the Aurora Cutlass —no idea what is that but I can imagine— Palmer informs him the ship left port in Egypt a month ago. Now Eldritch’s new mission is to make sure this ship arrives safe to New York.

Fet, as clever as usual, starts his own fieldwork by placing GPS trackers on strigois. This leads him to discover two things: one, strigois are digging their own tunnels across the city; and two: a huge nest full of thousands of strigois underneath Central Park. He later shares these news with Feraldo, who says they have to go after them with all they have. I’m not sure if that’s gonna be a good idea.

Dutch and Eph

During a quiet night we see Eph and Dutch playing chess in a park. When a small group of strigois attack them we find out they are not there for the chess, but to capture a strigoi alive. Back in Red Hook, they’ve turned Fet’s place into a lab where they’ve been trying to develop another bio weapon to fight these creatures.

Eph seems to be having fun performing autopsies on strigois and during the last autopsy he discovers the worms are not only the vector of transmission but also the core of strigois nervous system. When Dutch decides to make some coffee, Eph notices that  worms seems to be reacting to the microwaves.

Later Feraldo pays them a visit to see how their research is going. They inform her the new discoveries: that strigois seem to be connected by a super effective communication system, and  if they can manage to shut it down, strigois will be disoriented once again. But the councilwoman is not happy with this news, she’s desperate for a new weapon to fight strigois and wants a solution as soon as possible.

Dutch developes a device that might be able to shut down the strigoi signal. Apparently it works on their strigois test subjects, but Eph suggests they should try it on real strigois, not strapped ones. Following this plan, they release a strigoi on a cage and use some blood as bait, but the creature seems to have its own plans, finds a piece of metal on the ground and tries to open the cage’s door with it. Dutch turns on the microwave-gun, which works but only for a few minutes. The strigoi reattempts to open the door and succeeds, so they kill it.

Books, books, and more books.

Meanwhile, Setrakian and Mr Quinlan’s research is way more different, they go back to their books to try to find a clue to defeat the Master. Setrakian still distrusts Quinlan so he made copies of the Lumen. Quinlan tells him it would be much easier to find hidden clues if they read from the original book and he promises him he won’t try to steal it again, to which Setrakian agrees.

Looking into one of the Lumen’s pictures, Setrakian realizes something and decides to prove if he’s right. They rush to the terrace and find the message hidden in the Lumen pages can be read using sunlight:  

“…the living plague was contained within a stone sarcophagus lined with an alloy of silver and lead. A tomb for the creature and for the crimson worm within it. Trapped for all eternity.”

Yes! Now they know how to defeat the Master. Next challenge is to find him. To accomplish their plans they make a deal with Eldritch: a dose of the white in exchange for the Master’s new vessel information.

Flashback. Amsterdam – 1972

Still looking for Eichhorst, Mr Setrakian takes a false identity —Roald Prik— and pretends to be a book seller —more specifically, the Lumen seller—. His quest leads him to a brothel where he meets a woman, Ms Van Order, who will contact him with a certain Mr. Kruger. Setrakian insists that he wants to deliver the Lumen to his buyer by himself, so Ms Van Order gives him an address.

Professor Setrakian heads toward Mr. Kruger’s house to make the sale. To his disappointment, Mr Kruger isn’t Eichhorst but Doctor Dreverhaven, who recognizes Setrakian and attacks him, but the Professor fights him back and captures him.

As interrogation is pointless, Setrakian takes a look at his surroundings and realizes the room is too narrow, so he starts looking for another room and finds a secret basement —which seems to be a torture chamber and lab — there he also find a lot of bodies, they used to be Ms. Van Order’s clients. The Professor decides Kruger doesn’t deserve to die, so he tortures him, cut his arms and legs, puts him inside a silver box and throws him into the North Sea.