Ballers: (S02E10 Season Finale) "One Last Shot" [Season Finale]

This season finale was indeed all about humility. What to do when you hit rock bottom? Just ask Spencer Strasmore.  He knows all about that. The optimism & hopefulness that you feel when you’re reaching that dream. So close that  can feel, smell & taste success; its within his grasp!  However, there’s  always something that snaps him back into reality. Remember how Spencer was fired a couple weeks back & he came up with this genius idea to purchase his old bosses company? Weeeellll, things don’t always work out the way we plan them.
 His former boss (Mr. Anderson) reneged on the deal & rehired him with the intention of splitting the company  “50/50 ” once Spencer, attains this elusive license. Honestly, I don’t know how Spencer, can trust this guy! Time will tell reveal Mr. Andersons true intentions.   
Anyway, as the story goes on we learn that an old friend and former teammate (Eddie George) has filed a grievance towards Spencer, which is probably the biggest road block towards  getting that license . The best part of the entire episode (besides the strip club scene) was his   Spencers soliloquy.  It’s an intense moment & you get to see Spencer “keep it real” with those rookies and it earns him respect with the young acolytes. It was incredible!  
What’s up with Ricky Jerret? will you find a team already?  I’m getting anxious for you! And the road trip with Vernon and Fat Reggie? Cool. I’d love to hear the stories that they tell on that road trip to Dallas. And by the way that General  Manager , Larry Seifert (Dule Hill)  is the devil! I can see it! Charles Greane, better run and fast!
What a fantastic season finale! Ballers hasn’t  disappointed me from the first episode to the last.   I cannot wait for season three! I know it is going to be in  amazing  and I know that the characters will keep surprising me! 

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