Family Guy: (S15E01) "The Boys in The Band"

 What can ya’say about Family Guy? For 15 seasons it has been one of the most watched animated “family shows” on television.  For the new viewer, it may be “rude, crude and totally unattractive”; “not my kinda of comedy” and a soft “South Park.” Yet it continues to thrive with a Parental Rating of TV-14 and has established a very devoted fan base.  It touches on sensitive matters lightly and is not for the serious.  It encourages us to take a minute and imagine, (as if) because it ain’t that serious. “We’re Lucky there’s a Family Guy!’
 This season opens with another adventure of a “boy and his dog.” Stewie and Brian, frustrated while watching television shows that are, age inappropriate, irrelevant and/or just boring; the “boys” come up with an idea to showcase, through songs, what’s really going on with this age group. (infancy, toddlers and Pre-K) Brian is in agreement and the traveling, singing duo, “Red Shirt” and “Blue Shirt” is born.
 For those who recall the film, “Look Who’s Talking” a baby’s point view can be hilarious. We too often assume he/she doesn’t understand, care or know about: What’s bumping the bed of mom and dad; how to find the gun in the house, the language of crying  and Butt Paste! The concept is a win and a great success! And then…
Along came (thought you were dead) Olivia. Manipulative and self serving as ever; Olivia uses her charms to break up the duo. Claiming the Red Shirt and the songs as her own, she engages Vinnie, the wanna be Brian, as the new Blue Shirt! Clever Girl!
 “Meanwhile, back at the ranch” Chris needs a job to support the purchase of a Shamrock tattoo. It’s his Rites of Passage as a young, White-Irish American male, he thinks.  Enter the hypersexual, Quagmire, who employs Chris as a Personal Assistant to schedule his very busy calendar (sex related) and other “Giggity” things.
The talking baby and the talking dog continue to be the win and the strength of the show, in my opinion.  Whenever in doubt for script; these two and their very much, one of a kind relationship is perfection and should be the major plot as often as allowed. They’re guaranteed satisfaction,  and they sing!
Created by Seth MacFarlane. Written by Chris Regan and dedicated to the memory of Doug Lackey (Music editor)
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