Fear The Walking Dead (S02E13) "Date of Death"

This episode of Fear the Walking Dead was primarily about the relationship between Travis and Chris. Below I will give you a brief summation on the following events.
We see the show pick up where we last left off, after Chris killed the lone farmer on his property defending his newfound friends.  Chris now taking on a entirely new persona,  explains to Travis that they  can no longer be the way they have been. That a transformation has to be made in order to survive this new world. Of course, Travis is reluctant to take on the same sociopathic traits that his son has adopted, so throughout the episode we witness the struggle between the two and get an inside peek into their tumultuous father/son relationship.
Several times in this episode Travis tries to gauge Chris and attempt to bring about feelings of remorse in Chris. Each time to no avail. Eventually when the time comes to leave the farm due to a food shortage, the gang is faced with whether to put down a fellow member. Travis is completely against the idea and proposes the group stay a tad longer until the man can heal. They eventually fold and stay for one more week. Once the week passes the group cohorts with one another and has Chris trick Travis into leaving the hurt man’s side and then the leader of the group murders the ailing member. This event brings about the conclusion of Travis and Chris and we see the two separate soon thereafter. We then go to the point where Travis finds his way to the hotel where Maddie and Alicia are located.
My thoughts:
I found this episode to be excruciatingly boring and very hard to watch. Several times throughout, I found myself checking my watch, wondering if they added an additional hour to the shows running time. Although initially excited to see what exactly occurred after Chris shot the farmer and what happened between he and Travis, I found the path they went down with the relationship very unbelievable and disappointing. At this point, I am just riding this season out and looking forward to the main show.
Have you seen this episode? If so, leave your thoughts down below and tell me how this season is faring for you thus far. Until then.
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