Chatting with London Brown (‘Fat’ Reggie from Ballers on HBO)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, London is a trained actor, dancer, comedian and impressionist. He stars on the HBO series “Ballers” opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Previously he was the lead in “The Hustle” for The Fuse Network which was created and produced by Prentice Penny. London also won Best International Comedian at the 2013 Black Comedy Awards in the UK and has opened on the road for Chris Tucker and many other headliners. [Brillstein Entertainment Partners]

Reggie is the side-kick of Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) who is a rebel at the start of the series to become a good friend who is more caring and interested about his friend than himself. London says: “I’m nothing like Reggie. He’s really over the top, flashy and curses a lot. I’m much more chill & clandestine.” But they do share one very important characteristic, “We are however both loyal when it comes to dealing with our friends.”

London started out in Church and later pursued acting in high school. “I began exploring with acting in church doing plays but took it a lot more seriously in high school. I started touring doing theatre.” He considers himself an artist (he has many talents) and he has a family that can make you laugh! “I see myself as an artist. I’m not the only one who can make people laugh. My whole immediate family is funny in their own way.”

ballers fb4 - Chatting with London Brown ('Fat' Reggie from Ballers on HBO)
Lodon Brown (left) and co-star Donovan W. Carter (right)

I for one love to hear how actors land their role and London’s story is: “First I can’t take credit for how this came about. God definitely had his hand in this project from the start. But I got a call that HBO was looking for me. HBO casting sent over the sides. I went in to audition. Got a few call-backs. Then one of the producers called to offer me the Part.”

Ballers is a sports series based heavily on American Football. London is also sports man, “I enjoy sports. I’m rocking with the Raiders, Lakers and Dodgers. All day!! I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You might be wondering why is called ‘Fat Reggie’ on the show, “Well people always ask why am I called Fat Reggie when clearly I’m not fat at all. But that’s how God worked it out. I think that they liked what I was able to bring as an actor to the role and fought for me to get the part.” London has a good memory of fans asking about it. “In general I enjoy moments off camera, when fans of the show come up to me not knowing if I really act like Fat Reggie. Once we speak they realize I’m as regular as it gets.” 

london brown - Chatting with London Brown ('Fat' Reggie from Ballers on HBO)
London Brown is also a comedian.

Speaking about Ballers, London promises a great suspense to the viewers and doesn’t give out much spoilers mainly due to the fact they don’t film it in order. “I think the conflict will have the audience on suspense. I wish I could give more detail but we don’t get a chance to see any of the footage. So its new to me as it is for the fans of the show. I’m oblivious to the story line because we shoot out-of-order.” What he thinks is the seller for the show, is the way it has been written and the sound track, “The show is written really well. The writers have created story lines between characters that fans want to see unfold. Viewers care about the characters and their emotional well-being to a degree. and the show is just very entertaining. Also the sound track is dope!” Pushing him to reveal any gruesome matches in the future he replies: I think there’s room for these characters and storylines to go in some creative directions.”

Screen Shot 2016 08 01 at 12.05.39 PM - Chatting with London Brown ('Fat' Reggie from Ballers on HBO)
Reggie landing Vernon in the hospital.

While many of us have argued that Ballers needs more time and should be given the usual 45 minutes airing time, and while both sides have good arguments and take on it, London has his say on the matter, “With the show being 30 minutes it keeps people right on the edge of the next episode. It keeps the energy of the show up!” 

There can’t be a ship with two captains the same way you can’t film with many egos. Ballers is one of the series which has various stars but it still shines. We’re are all pretty good friends. There are no egos on set. Everyone is cool and keeps it professional. Really fun group to learn and build with.”

Going back to talking about himself, London has no dream roles in mind yet, As far as dream roles, I’m not sure just yet. I’m going to try to stay open to some roles.” While many actors have gone on to be directors or producers, London wants to remained focus on his work, I may cross that bridge when its time. Right now I just want to push out solid content and build my work along with my followers. This way I can bring them back to the comedy clubs.” He also has a lot of people who have helped him reach to where he is answering the question of who have really been there for him, London says: My family of course. My mother’s prayer was the set up for all of this. My family as a whole keep me in line. My mentors Mark Swinton & Byron Nora. The Comedy Union club owner Enns Mitchell. Close friends.  I for sure have not gotten this far just on my own by any means.” And he quickly adds: “Not by a long shot.”

If you are reading this then watching series and/or movies is one of your hobby/interest. In response to his hobbies and interests he says: “I enjoy shoes, cooking and photography. However I don’t know if I call these hobbies cause I’m a passionate person. So I don’t ever just do things to pass time. I do things that mean something to me. When I photograph people, I not only shoot my friend’s head-shots and print work but I photograph the homeless for awareness. They are people too.” 

Towards the end he tells us where he sees himself in the near future: “I see myself working, more films and all over the scene in a positive way. An involved in my community reaching back for our youth.” And has left with a few words for those aspiring actors, “Stay focused and have no fear. Do something everyday that puts you closer to where you want to be. Remove all doubt. STAY FOCUSED!!!”

 To end here was my favourite #ReggieMoment:

Ballers (HBO) Season 3 Premiers June 2017.