The Big Bang Theory (S10E02) “The Military Miniaturization”

Review: As we saw in last week’s smaller storyline, the Air Force contacted Howard to set up a meeting to talk about the guidance system. The focus this week is on that storyline. Leonard and Howard don’t want the military to get involved in their project because then they would not be able to sell the system commercially and the system could be used in weapons, something that they never wanted, but Sheldon finds it exciting. After getting some advice from Howard’s cousin, who’s a lawyer, Leonard and Howard decide that it’s just better if Sheldon doesn’t say anything during the meeting with Colonel Williams. This leads to the funniest scene of the episode: Sheldon tries not to speak, but when the Colonel says some things he doesn’t agree with, he has to react.

It was just great and hilarious to see Sheldon like that. Anyway, the Air Force wants to fund the research of the guys and want the system to be smaller than it is now. When Williams tells them it can be done by others in 4 months, Sheldon can’t keep quiet and tells him that they’ll do it in 2. And because of the awkward silence that follows, Howard agrees to that, meaning that the guys will have to work on the guidance system as much as they can, to finish the system in 2 months.
Meanwhile, Bernadette tries to find the person who told her colleagues that she’s pregnant. She doesn’t want her boss to find out because she wants to work on a study, and if they find out she’s pregnant, they might give it to someone else. It turns out that it was Penny who accidentally told Bernie’s assistant and when she confesses, Bernadette gets furious. It’s an interesting storyline, focusing on pregnant women in the workplace and how they might get treated differently. Bernadette explains to Amy that she’s always been treated differently because of her looks. In the end everything is fine, with Bernadette  apologizing to Penny for getting angry at her and threatening her boss to sue him if she would not get to work on the research.
This was a great episode! It had a lot of funny scenes, and it’s great to see the focus on the guidance system and the guys working together. Jim Parsons was hilarious this week, he had some great lines, and he even was funny was he was not allowed to talk. I also think Melissa Rauch was really good. I love it that Bernadette stood up to her boss, but also her love of fries and Dove bars was very funny. All in all, I think it was a great episode, and I’m glad that we finally get to see more about the guidance system!
Rating: 9/10