American Horror Story: (S06E03) "Chapter 3"

The new season of AHS has impressed me so far, notably its first two episodes that focused mainly on scaring the viewers instead of truly developing the plot. I initially didn’t know how to feel about the shows new concept, a show within a show, but I warmed up to the idea and felt like the producers were doing a good job. I find myself intrigued and glued to the screen as if I were watching a true documentary.

However, this weeks episode wasn’t all that scary. Instead, a lot was revealed about the lost colony that was haunting the house and I loved the fact that they used the witch Cricket from season three’s Coven. I always like to see the seasons intertwine. The episode focused mainly on this new information and finding Flora. Yet as it ended, I was left with questions. I know I shouldn’t expect all to be revealed so early in the season.

The creators were recorded saying that this season was basically split in two. Right now we’re more focused on the story of Matt, Lee and Shelby. But the show has created enough mystery and intrigue for viewers to remain hooked. I can’t wait to see where this all ends up.