Black-ish: (S03E02) "God"

Review: What!!! Zoe doesn’t believe in God!! This episode opens with the family plus Bow’s brother, which Dre isn’t all too happy about him staying, at the dinner table and Dre asks Zoe to bless the food. One problem, Zoe explains she doesn’t think she believes in God. Dre flips out and is determined to do and try anything to help Zoe become a believer. There is just one problem, Johan is busy letting Zoe know its ok not to believe in something she can’t see or that he thinks is false. All the while Dre comes to a realization that maybe he has lost his connection with God, while he tries to help Zoe find her connection with God. It wasn’t till the family goes to listen to the upcoming baby’s heartbeat and the doctor has trouble finding it. Dre and Bow are holding hands, a tear falls down Bows cheek and the room falls upon an eerie silence before the heartbeat feels the room and Zoe says “Thank God”. Dre looks at his daughter with a surprised and happy look. Eager to go into that conversation Bow has him wait.
Meanwhile Jack and Diane are getting out of household chores by acting as if they need a demonstration of what to do and how to do the chores. When Bow calls Andre out on doing their chores for them, he calls her out on the same. They both agree Jack and Diane need to start doing their own chores.
The episode ends with everyone in the house praying, except Johan. Johan is enjoying a glass of wine.
I thought this episode was quite enlightening. Be blessed of what you have and even of what you don’t have. It can be taken from you in one minute. I am not sure what’s in store for next week, but what I do know is I am patiently waiting for Johan to leave. He seems like he’s hiding something. I could be wrong, but I guess we will have to wait and see.
Rating: 6.5/10