Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E02): "Coral Palms, pt. 2"

Review: While last week was all about catching up with Holt and Jake as Greg and Larry, this week we get Holt and Jake back as Holt and Jake in full force. First, marshall Haas meets up with Jake and Holt in an empty movie theater for the weekly witness protection check-up. Jake does everything he can not to act suspicious in his totally lowkey Jake-like way, so not at all lowkey, but Haas really just wants this check-up to be a mutual thing. Isn’t anyone going to ask her how she’s doing? The weekly check-up of “official business” turns out to be a marital crisis, as Haas has met a hot, really young, Cuban guy who sets her entire body on fire. And she needs advice. It’s awkward in the best way. Haas leaves with her hot, young boytoy, who was apparently sitting in the back of the theater the whole time. Can we keep Maya Rudolph on this show? 
After the opening credits, we get back to business. Precinct in Brooklyn kind of business, finally. Amy’s excited to tell everyone that she got permission to write a one page letter to Jake. When asked what they want to tell Jake, the cops pretty much let her know that not much has changed for them in six months. Except that Charles has a new four year old son called Nikolai. But everything else is still the same. Should be an easy letter for Amy. 
Terry then calls everyone to the briefing room, because the precinct’s getting a new captain. Again. The new captain, CJ, played by Ken Marino, is the polar opposite of Captain Holt.  So much so, that Amy can’t imagine him actually being qualified for the job. Which he then clarifies he isn’t. He’s also wearing sweatpants and seems to be very very accommodating, maybe even a little too much. 
As a result, Gina – the assistant – gets her own assistant, who also gets her own assistant. But Amy, being Amy, quickly shows up with a petition for the precinct to get a new captain. She rounds up the rest of the cops, minus Gina, to convince them to sign it. Gina, however, is on to them and dangles whatever the cops want in front of them. Rosa gets walls around her desk. Charles gets a treadmill so he can run and do work at the same time. And Terry gets his much desired yoghurt fridge. Sellouts. 
Disappointed in the squad, Amy yells at them about how Captain Holt inspired them to be smarter and better, unlike CJ. Ofcourse, this gets to them. The cops decide to give up their new luxuries and confront CJ, asking him to be slightly less accommodating so they won’t take advantage of him. I think this will backfire on them. 
Meanwhile, having used their viral video as bait for Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, Jake and Holt are ready to plot their next move. In the hot tub, of course. With the bubbles turned on. Surprisingly, this won’t be the first time in the episode Jake and Holt show us how close they’ve gotten. In the hot tub, Holt tells Jake that Figgis is onto them and that he called the Fun Zone. Jake is sure they need back-up for this and suggests calling the Nine-Nine. Holt, however, doesn’t want to alert the marshals. He’s convinced they can do this on their own. 
On their own with guns, that is. Jake and Holt head to a gun store. But, knowing they can’t have the owner of the store run their names through the system, they decide to bribe the gun store owner with money Holt borrowed from his neighbor in the most heterosexual “I accidentally knocked someone up” way. In the store, they manage to bribe the gun store owner with ease, to Jake’s dismay. 
On the way back from the gun store, things turn sour when Jake and Holt get arrested by Jerry from Parks & Recreation! Officer Jerry from Parks & Recreation takes them to the police station. Being just as unqualified as the Nine-Nine’s new captain, he tries to get answers out of Jake and Holt through a gun-version of the Newlyweds Game. All seems to go well until the last question. Which leads them to a nice jail cell with three other guys Jake refers to as their very own “Suicide Squad”. 
They tell Officer Jerry from Parks & Rec who they really are and that they’re in witness protection, but he’s not convinced. In fact, he thinks they’re joking. After all, the marshal they’re talking about is a woman and surely, that’s not possible. A woman, the horror! But the officer still makes the call, only to find out the marshal on the phone has no idea who they are. When he gives Jake the phone, Jake finds out why. The voice on the other end is Figgis’s and he’s got Haas. 
Realizing they’re now even more at risk, Holt and Jake become determined to escape. It’s time for a jailbreak. All they need is inmate #1’s glass eye and professional urinator inmate #2’s penchant for keeping track of the cops’s schedules! Holt and Jake cause a diversion to get Officer Jerry from Parks & Rec into the jail cell by staging a fight, but this only encourages him to watch and enjoy the show. Then, Jake comes up with the most brilliant idea to rile up the conservative cop: he full-on kisses Holt until the officer has no choice but to come in to break up the love fest. Jake’s plan works and they manage to escape and lock up the officer instead, who Holt informs that “it’s 2016, man. This is on you.”.
Finally, outside of the police station, Jake and Holt discuss their next move. Jake again suggests they call the Nine-Nine, but Holt still doesn’t want to hear it. After what happened with Bob Andersonn, Holt doesn’t want to have to ask the squad to rescue him again. Holt feels like he needs to clean up his own mess. But Jake isn’t backing down and tells Holt that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. 
And so they do. Terry gets a call from Holt asking for their assistance in catching Figgis. And this is where the whole thing with CJ backfires, because just when they need him to be his accommodating self, CJ decides that he needs to start saying no.