Bull: (S01E02) “The Woman in 8D”

Bull; the psychology and art of jury selections continue in an episode that appears to be a case of pilot error; yet it is ultimately a case of gender bias. How timely!
Captain Taylor Mathisen is among the 4% of pilots that are female. Being an accomplished military fighter pilot with 139 missions and over 12, 000 flight hours, did not sway the mirror jury’s guilty verdict for negligence. Bull surmises this is because the defendant is a woman.  This is confirmed when the mirror jury finds the defendant, not guilty when it is believed the pilot is a man. It also confirms Bull’s belief that no matter “the what; we are always being judged.  It appears to be our nature, sadly.
The reasons behind the break in protocol in an emergency situation, is the defense. Why?  Perhaps the co pilot‘s dalliances? Was Taylor covering for him?  Or maybe she was having an affair with Ken? Was there a distraction, neglect or just incompetence?  There were 5 seconds “lost” and unaccountable and Taylor doesn’t recall. In simulation, with Dr Bull, Taylor’s memory is triggered, when she remembers her choice. During the severe Wind Shear that was bringing down the plane, “The needs of the many was greater than the needs of the few” Rather than plow into a crowded residential area, she chose to save the many and the lives on the ground
I liked this episode. Not only did the pilot survive the crash to defend her self, the subtly of misogyny and the distrust of women is addressed in such a way, it’s not judgmental; although still surprising.
.The death of 62 people is a great weight in the episode.  The almost cuteness of rocker Sir Vincent, (Daniel Raymont) breathes a little lightness into the heaviness; although brief. We can always use a little light in the darkness.  Maybe next week; and that’s no bull!