Chicago PD (S04E02): "Made a Wrong Turn"

“Made a Wrong Turn” was a classic Chicago PD episode, filled with great character development and an interesting case.
I like Tay and Burgess’ budding partnership, but I don’t find them as a very successful team so far. Perhaps this is on purpose, showing viewers that Burgess is not even more cautions of the way she does her job since the incident. We’ve seen them in action twice, and in both the criminal has escaped. Also in each scenario, Burgess has grabbed her gun but neglected to use it. What we must question as the viewers is – is this on purpose or is Burgess afraid?
The case itself was entertaining but didn’t stretch the boundaries of what Chicago PD can do. However, acknowledging police brutality issues was important and the writers did a good job of depicting difficult situations like police working in black communities where there is much hostility. Bringing current events to television is extremely important, and I hope this series continues to shed light on this.
The cliff hangers of this episode include Platt’s job and the relationship of Erin and Hank who feel distant in this episode, even after “The Silos” sweet ending. It was truly be very sad if Platt were to loose her job. I don’t expect this happening very easily, which makes me excited for the “war” that’s about to occur throughout the series.
Oh, and who else is excited for Lindstead living together? I know I am!