Impastor: The Devil Went Down To Ladner

Tonight was the season two premiere of Impastor on TV Land. It was a great start to the new season. There was a lot of exciting events that has happened in this weeks episode. It picked up right where the first seasons finale left off with Buddy Dobbs being arrested by Detectives Lovello and Hyde. Soon after there was an encounter with Damien, the loan shark Buddy was running from. While Buddy is involved with a crazy car chase after Damien his church board is worried about where Buddy went during service and what he could be hiding from them. Buddy eventually is able to convince the detectives to let him go saying he would help them get Damien. As Buddy is figuring out a plan to get Damien, Dora doesn’t waste anytime trying to flirt with Detective Lovello. Buddy decides the best way to Damien is to use the phone of Jamal King’s but he first has to get past the new sheriff who seems to not be moved by the new pastor’s charms. After contacting Damien he makes sure the Detectives are ready to go whenever Damien calls. But when the time comes they don’t seem to be completely ready to go and help Buddy. As Buddy heads out to meet with Damien he get surprised and taken by Damien, who has decided he was done waiting and wants to finish this. As Buddy’s life hangs in the balance the detectives run into some trouble with their transportation as they try to go and help Buddy. Meanwhile with all this craziness Alden has made a big decision about his very unhappy marriage to Hilva all the while dealing with the fact that he is in love with a hooker. Don’t miss next week’s episode to see what happens with Buddy and Damien and the aftermath of Alden’s big decision.