NCIS: New Orleans: (S03E02) “Suspicious Minds”

Cyber savant, Elvis Bertrand; hacker, troublemaker and Intelligence Analyst is at the center of a murder mystery in this second episode. Elvis leaves …rather flees the crime scene, of a floating poker vessel, after his friend and Cyber Optics liaison, Lt. Commander, Henry Warbeck and  2 others are murdered while Elvis is  outside on deck taking a break.  This makes him more than a person of interest and the primary suspect for the F.B.I.  The death of Warbeck could be associated with a breach in the fiber optic cables; another cartel conspiracy, cover up and …well a breach in cyber optic security. Warbeck asked his friend, Elvis and a genius in cyber space matters to check out a few things, hence his involvement.
King Pride, also a friend of Elvis, knows that Elvis is innocent and gets in the way of the F.B.I until it is made clear, it’s easier to work together…again.
 Trying to find a way to justify FBI agent Gregorio and have her working with the team, she steps up in support when they are “beefing” with her boss, Isler.  And although they are cleared in the investigation surrounding the John Russo incident; she and probably Isler are hanging around to further investigate the cartel in New Orleans.  AND I still miss Brody (Zoe McLellan)
The bad guy or girl was obvious early on; yet Tom Arnold’s Elvis was good. Funny and serious when needed; paranoid most of the time, not trusting anyone, he is a good fit for Pride and the show at this point.  He was believable and I actually cared about him.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him recurring and used as often s possible. Yet for the time being, ‘Elvis has left the building”
Finally, too cute as “Butch and Sundance” as Isler calls them; do you think the “weird stuff” is actually over, between Percy and LaSalle regarding “that stupid hug” as she calls it?  Well I sure hope not!  So stay tuned.