New Girl (S06E02) "Hubbedy Bubby"

Jess and Cece try to get people to register to vote for Hillary Clinton, while Winston helps Nick work on his long distance relationship. Schmidt goes on a bit of a cleaning frenzy.
Ah, yes. The beauty of democracy at work has taken our members of The Loft by storm.
Our episode starts out with Schmidt sorting out mail (RIP Uncle Lee) and looking for Cece’s acceptance letter into college, only to immediately show off Jess being very, very excited about politics. (Seriously, I haven’t seen those dance moves and song combo since Jordan was with the Bulls.)
Schmidt being Schmidt points out that democracy is dead, and bets Jess and Cece they can’t sign five new voters by the end of the day. They win: Schmidt has to vote for Hillary, and if he wins, the duo have to vote for Winston. Ya know, the colorblind cat loving puzzler. To be fair, he has my vote.
After the cold opening, Nick is having some trouble with the long distance situation with Reagan, so Winston tells him about The Long D. Yes, Winston ends up having to help Nick with romance in a long distance relationship. Naturally, this ends in disaster with Ally seeing Nick’s…everything and a lot of information about Winston’s sex life. Yikes.
The episode really shows off Schmidt’s need to keep things neat and orderly. From the mail, to the junk drawer (his reaction left me doubled over with laughter), and helping to organize Hillary’s campaign. Hibbidy Bibbidy Paul Ryan 2020!
On the campaign trail, we find Jess and Cece looking for new voters in what turns out to be the worst place possible; a sorority house filled with drunk sorority girls. Armed with quite a lot of alcohol, the two infiltrate the house with hopes of beating Schmidt, but wind up with pages of fake names. (Boobs Gargler and Diarrhea Jones were my favorites.) Eventually, we find out that the sorority is filled with Trump supporters and the two best friends have to run away to escape the drunken house.
All in all, this was a pretty great episode, but I would of liked to of seen a little more Schmidt being in his element. And while I’d enjoy seeing more of Reagan and Alley being in person, it was nice seeing Winston and Nick, and Jess and Cece interact. Solid 7.5/10.