Chicago Med (S2E2): "Win Loss"

“Win Loss” was a complicated episode of Chicago Med which had some good and bad moments.
On a positive note, the character development of Dr. Reese was funny and made the whole episode a little lighter than had this not been included. Dr. Homestead is beginning to struggle financially, but the way the writers used this in the episode gave the audience perspective.
However, there was a lot about this episode that wasn’t up to standards.
Some of the small characters were portrayed by subpar actors. Yes, they could cry but they weren’t representing the correct emotions. I found the parents of Dr. Rhodes’ patient to be too smiley at the news of their child’s approaching death. I hope that this patient doesn’t fade away now that the other child has been cured because it will be good for audiences to get closure and learn what happens. There were also some smaller plots as well that were underdeveloped and confusing.
Overall this episode just had a lot more than usual going on so it became hard to get a decent grasp on everything.