Deepwater Horizon (2016)

On April 20, 2010 an oil spill spread across the whole Gulf of Mexico causing lots of ocean wildlife to be dangered! But your not here to read about what the oil spill caused your here to read about the events that happened that lead up to that which is where this movie review comes into place! Today I’m reviewing Deepwater Horizon!
In the film: We see the crew to see if there are any changes with the outside of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. They don’t see anything wrong therefore choose not to do a cement seal on the ocean floor (to make it so that the rig’s tests don’t end in disaster). We then see Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) waking up to get ready for his trip; Mike starts getting ready but not before he does a little love making to his lovely wife Felicia (Kate Hudson). Once Mike has gotten ready, him and his wife ride to the fly off zone in their truck.
Meanwhile we meet Andrea (Gina Rodriguez) leaving her house hoping her sexy mustang will work for her to get to the fly off zone; the car refuses to start for her so she asks for a ride from her boyfriend. When Mike, Andrea, and Mr. Jimmy (Kurt Russell) all get to the fly off zone to get to the oil rig. All are told to wait to be seated for their flight to Deep Water Horizon. While waiting Mr. Jimmy meets CEO’s of BP O’Bryan (James Dumont) & Landry (Douglas M. Griffin) that are wanting to visit the oil rig to see whats taking so long for the company to get oil from this location.
Once the five of them are board upon the helicopter to travel to Deep Water Horizon oil rig they all joke and laugh among each other but the one thing that is upon all of their minds is “I can’t wait to get back home”when Mr. Jimmy gets to the rig he’s been told the cement job was not done and those who were suppose to do it where destined to leave. So everyone goes to their stations, Mr. Jimmy & Andrea go into the control bridge of the rig. Mike goes to investigate if the cement job had been done (because no one can hear a damn thing when your on that helipad). When Mike finds out the cement job was never done Mr. Jimmy radio’s Mike to meet him in the meeting room with the other board members of BP. BP order’s Mr. Jimmy to do a negative drill test (which is when they only test the drills drilling capabilities if it stays 0 or fluxes to a 100 and back to 0 the test is a success, if the drilling fluxes to a continuing high number the negative test ends up being a fail).
Those who were present for the negative drill test was Mr. Jimmy, Mike, Jason (Ethan Suplee), and Vidrine (John Malkovich) after the test failed, Vidrine gave some insight there is a plug of mud. They just didn’t realize how big of a plug there really was. When they ran the negative pulse test, all that mud that was plugged up chose to overflow and shoot out sending all who were on the floor including Vidrine and Caleb (Dylan O’Brien) shooting back hitting the glass of the safety glass and hitting the other pipes. Eventually Caleb shuts down the blast of mud. But in other pipes the mud is building up ready for round 2 where it creates a small little boom; eventually the boom comes back even bigger creating a fire. When the big explosion happened Mr. Jimmy who at the time was taking a shower ended up being shot back at the panels of the shower, glass hitting his eyes, a broken panel of the tub shot in his foot. Mike got blasted from the door of his office having the door laying on top of him. Mike gets out but instead going to the boats he sets out to look for people who may be in need of help. Once he gets Doug (Robert Walker Branchaud) to where the life boats are being boarded he goes back to look for Mr. Jimmy.
Mike finds Mr. Jimmy but he can’t see, Mr. Jimmy demands to be taken to the control bridge; when they get there power is shut off, the explosion has taken over the oil rig. When Mr. Jimmy tries bringing the power back to the rig more of the rig goes up in flames and begins falling down upon the water. Everyone evacuates, reports of people jumping for their lives off the oil rig; Mike and Andrea try getting to the last life boat but it leaves without them. Mike takes Andrea to the very top to try to jump out of reach of the flames, the two jump into the water and get rescued by the coast guard. Andrea thanks Mike for saving him.
Once all is over Mike is reunited with his wife and daughter!
Honestly, I have to say this movie is a good movie, and yes it is based on a true story that truly did happen in 2010; after all the whole news story was the biggest news story of 2010 and made U.S. History of the greatest oil rig disaster of all time that contaminated the ocean water of the Gulf of Mexico for 3 years. Overall this movie does stay on point and it takes you into the story of what really happened to that rig that fateful day. Mark Wahlberg did a great job and Gina Rodriguez did a phenomenal job in this film.
I would give this film a: 4 out of 5 stars
I would also like to list the 11 people who died in that tragedy (because I feel like this film was dedicated to those who lived & died in this event):
-Jason Anderson (age: 35)
-Aaron Burkeen (age: 37)
-Donald Clark (age: 49)
-Stephen Curtis (age: 39)
-Roy Kemp (age: 27)
-Karl Kleppinger Jr. (age: 38)
-Gordon Jones (age: 28)
-Keith Manuel (age: 56)
-Dewey Revette (age: 48)
-Shane Roshto (age: 22)
-Adam Weise (age: 24)
Deepwater Horizon is now playing in theaters!