Empire: (S03E02) "Sin that Amends"

“Bye, Fe-Lucious…I need you to understand, I am done!”
Although he’s trying to get her back with lavish gifts (that she can buy for herself) Cookie thinks she is done and returns Lucious’ gifts of persuasion. Through out the show Lucious calls upon nostalgia, memory and history of their “back in the day” (the flashbacks are excellent) to convince his Cookie, it ain’t over. In particular an old friend, Biz Markie himself, is called upon to personally sing to Cookie, their song, “You got what I need” It was cute, light and a great cameo from the legendary rapper.
This episode introduces City Councilman, Community Organizer and local business man, Angelo Dubois. (Taye Diggs) The Councilman establishes a relationship with Jamal and a reluctant Cookie to support WOKE, an organization for inner-city youth. Lucious was on board as well at first , in an attempt to impress Cookie. However, it didn’t work and one of the best scenes of the night was watching Lucious’ face as he realizes Angelo is competition for his Cookie. The look on his face was priceless.  It was a look of, his train leaving the station and he ain’t on it. “Bye Fe-Lucious”   Or maybe it’s just a look of plotting to eliminate the councilman in the Lucious way. Time will tell.
Hakeem wants to make a “living album” with Nessa.  Against Lucious’ wishes, he begins the process anyway. Shine, Lucious’ former partner in crime, is there watching his protégé and little sister.  Without a warning, Shine punches someone for just looking at her!  It is obvious their love of music is bringing these two together. So we know where this is going, right?
The quality time between the 3 brothers; toasting to their self-care, well-being and promises to be there for each other, was well done.
Meanwhile,  Tariq’s Bella Bear (the teddy bear with the video recorder) eyes are plucked out, when Lucious realized the nursery is wired through the eyes of the bear.
Yet the greatest show of brotherly love and another sign of the times; was the last scenes with Andre. To begin his self-healing over the loss of his wife, he’s moving things from the house shared with Rhonda. When two police officers begin questioning him regarding neighborhood break ins; the exchanges do not go well. Andre is shown looking towards a neighbor who looks like she could have been ready to walk her dog, yet goes back into her house. Did she make the call? It didn’t matter at that point.  For as Andre’s body-slammed to the ground and a gun was pointed at his head, “A Soldier’s Story” came to mind and I heard the voice of Captain Waters, (Adolph Caesar) “They still hate you!’