Lethal Weapon: (S01E02) "Pilot: Surf n Turf Part 2"

Last episode was a back and forth between whether or not Riggs and Murtaugh will be partners. This episode was all about providing the Murtaughs with more information about Riggs and solidifying their “adoption” of him. 
The episode starts with a naked man, presumed dead, laying on the beach (certain places conveniently covered by seaweed…sorry hetero ladies…and gay guys).  The officer who reports to the scene pokes the body with a stick and then, to everyone’s surprise, the body moved! The body turned out to be Riggs…because why not? Looks like he was just sleeping one off and when the officer said Riggs needed to stick around to be arrested for indecent exposure Riggs used his go to line, “Don’t worry. I’m a cop.”  Amusing enough. Garnered some chuckles. 
The story then progresses over to the Murtaughs who are busy preparing for dinner, in which Riggs is the guest of honor. Riggs never quite makes it to dinner because on his way there he receives a call from his realtor in Texas. He sold his house in Texas. Based on his facial expressions, which broke my heart, I could tell that he was not going to make it to dinner…and he did not. He ended up at a bar and got beaten up in a bar brawl. Later in the episode his therapist posited that “Physical pain is a lot easier to handle than emotional pain.” (This is a sentiment I completely agree with.)
Murtaugh is certainly angry about Riggs not turning up to dinner but those emotions are pushed aside when their boss assigns them a “case”. They were told to report to a noise complaint…”report to it, not cause it”. 
They reported to the noise complaint but just as they did someone opened fire on the party and low and behold the pair stumbled upon a case. In a true Riggs and Murtaugh style, they caused some property damage while pursing the gunman. Turns out the gunman was not after the famous person who threw the party but a waitress who was working the party. She’s a target because she has important information regarding guns that aren’t supposed to be in the USA being used in the USA. During Rigg’s interview with the woman Murtaugh finds out why Riggs is so “messed up”. The therapist mentioned to Murtaugh that Riggs lost his wife and their unborn child. 
Murtaugh reports this information to his wife, who, though she still thinks Riggs may be a little too dangerous for Murtaugh, sympathizes with him. Riggs and Murtaugh do solve their case. Plot twist: The woman was in danger not just because of the information she knew but because the crooked ATF agent who was responsible for the gun sales was the one that was after her. 
By the end of the episode the Murtaughs definitively adopts Riggs. Trish tells Riggs that all she wants is that for him to return her husband to her by the end of every shift. 
I think the series is definitely building on itself. We knew that they were going to stick together but we did need the first episode to provide a basis for why and we knew  that the Murtaughs were going to adopt Riggs but, again, we needed a basis for why. We have answers to these questions from the movies but the series is so far holding its own. This Riggs is more emotive and easier to sympathize/empathize with and this Murtaugh is funnier…on purpose, not just situational. 
I look forward to what next week’s episode will bring us.