The Goldbergs (S04E02) “I Heart Video Dating”

Review: With the new technology of video dating, Lainey and Erica try to set up Lainey’s dad, Bill (David Koechner), with someone. Even with Beverly, Lainey and Bill doubting her, Erica  tries, but Bill isn’t the easiest person to set up. He can’t even tape a video without crying and of course nobody responds to it. Erica asks her little brother to help, and Adam is very eager to make a better video for Bill. However, this tape is also not really what Erica wants (it’s basically Bill dressing up as the Village People), but to Bill it doesn’t matter at all anyway. He’s not ready to date anyone yet because he’s still not over his ex-wife.
I really enjoyed David Koechner in this episode. I think Bill is a very funny character and this week definitely had some very comedic moments for him, especially the two videos.
Anyway, now that she can’t help Bill find his soulmate, Erica decides to try video dating herself. However, she keeps thinking of Geoff and messes up the tapes. Desperate for love, Erica turns to Beverly who, as a yenta, knows what the future for Erica will hold and she tells her that she will find the perfect guy when the time is right. And it may not look like it now, but according to Beverly’s ‘yenta-dex’, Erica’s perfect match is Geoff. We’ll probably find out soon enough whether or not they will eventually end up together.
Meanwhile, Barry tries to figure out what he wants to be after he finishes school. The aptitude test doesn’t help because it tells him to be a bookkeeper (or librarian, as Barry calls it). He rather wants to become an oracle and predict the future. But when Barry’s in gym class he finds out that he wants to become a PE teacher like Coach Mellor (Bryan Callen). Coach agrees to mentor Barry so that he can become Coach Tasty. Murray supports Barry at first because he knows Barry will give up eventually, but when he gets too serious about it, Murray decides to interfere and tells Coach Mellor that he will never let Barry become a gym teacher. But when he can’t convince Coach to stop mentoring him, he turns to Barry and gives him a crystal ball so he can become an oracle. This makes Barry forget about teaching gym, of course disappointing coach Mellor. In the end Murray apologizes to Coach Mellor and tells him that he won’t stand in the way of Barry’s future, especially because he seemed so serious about becoming a PE teacher.
I thought this was a great episode. I really enjoyed both storylines a lot. I thought it was great to see Bryan Callen back as Coach Mellor. He had some very funny one-liners, as well as Barry when he was in charge of PE (“Campions are losers, who forgot to give up”). I wonder if we’ll see more of Coach Tasty this season! Besides the great comedy in this episode, I think the dramatic scenes were really good as well (especially Erica in that last scene with Beverly) and made for a great balanced episode!
Rating: 9.5/10