Blue Bloods: (S07E02) "Good Cop Bad Cop"

The episode opens with a cop walking down the street smoking. Say what? Frank comes by in a limo and sees him. The guy has just thrown the cigarette on the sidewalk. Frank comes up to him and says smoking and texting on the job, what do you call that, multi-tasking. Frank says you dropped something. Frank asks for the officer’s name and shield number. Frank asks the officer to pick up the cigarette butt and the officer gets cocky and says he works for NYPD, not sanitation. Frank makes him pick it up. Frank asks to see the officer’s summons book. Frank writes out a ticket for the cop and the cop doesn’t like it. He says he is one of the good guys. Frank tells him to act like it. Both of the things he was doing are against the rules.
Erin’s partner Anthony is at his mom’s house and she gets confused and asks where his dad is. Anthony says he’s gone, remember? Then he looks at the bank statement and tells his mom she has no money and two months ago she had $30,000. She gets scared and asks if she did something bad.
Danny and Baez are called to the scene of a homicide where an elderly black lady is killed by a gunshot wound but there is no point of entry. Danny says maybe the round came from outside the apartment. He goes to the window and sees a bullet scarring the window. He also sees a young black boy outside watching the apartment. When the boy sees Danny, he runs. Danny runs after him and catches him but the boy slips away and because of traffic Danny loses him.
Somehow the boy is caught and Danny is interrogating him asking him if the kid knows the deceased woman. Danny says kids at 14 like him shouldn’t be as hard as he is. Danny says he knows that his tattoo is a gang affiliation. The kid asks for an attorney. Danny tells him he is free to go. They argue about who’s world each of them is in.
Frank’s secretary Baker finds a cartoon on the internet calling Frank a nanny on the loose. Two of Frank’s other staff are there and one says we can never tell Frank about this. Frank walks by and says that is too late. Frank claims his sons sent it to him. Frank says to the others that he thought it was funny. He asks if they thought it was funny. They say no. He asks about the comments. One of the guys says there are some positive comments. They ask Frank why he didn’t just talk to the cop’s commanding officer. Frank says he did and he asked the commanding officer to put the cop on restricted duty or something like that.
Anthony is asking his mom if she knows a Frankie. His mom says you would like him Anthony. Frankie told his mom a sad story about his family being sick and that is why she gave Frankie so much money.
Danny is talking to someone who lives in the neighborhood where the old black lady was shot. The guy doesn’t want to talk. Danny asks if he saw anything. Danny says he could be next. The guy’s name is Larry. Larry says maybe I heard a gunshot but I’m not home. Danny wants to know why he is scared and won’t talk.
Anthony is talking to Frankie about his mom’s money. He tells Frankie he wants his mom’s money back. Frankie says it will take him a few days. Anthony is roughing him up. A cop comes up and tells Anthony to let the guy alone.
Jamie is talking to Erin about Anthony’s mom and Frankie. Jamie says it’s a case of he said she said. They have to let the guy go. Erin tells Anthony he needs to apologize to the officers and then they need to “find a way to nail the son of a bitch who did this to his mother.”
Danny catches the black kid selling drugs in the neighborhood. The boss of the gang is Roxie Barnes. Danny says he needs to talk to her. Roxie says if Danny needs to talk to her, he needs to talk to her attorney who just happens to be right there. Roxie and her attorney say they feel bad about the death of the old lady. Danny says they have footage of the kid shooting into the deceased’s apartment.
Anthony tells Erin he appreciates her trying to help him. Erin says they have to try to build a case but it would help if his mother could remember what happened.
The cop that Frank puts on restricted duty is on the phone with a lady who lost her cat. Frank enters and shows the cartoons around. Apparently there has been more than one. The cop apologizes.
Erin and Anthony go to the bank and Anthony tries to find out why the bank didn’t try to stop Anthony’s mom from withdrawing so much money. The bank employee says Anthony’s name isn’t on the account and they don’t question their client’s transactions.
Linda calls Danny and says one of their sons skipped school and went partying with his friends and got drunk. Danny leaves and Danny and a bunch of cops go to the black kid’s neighborhoods. Danny says all those kids are supposed to be in school. They grab a bunch of kids. Danny tells Roxie he will be back there every morning at 7:30 to make sure the kids go to school. Roxie tells Danny he is messing with the wrong person.
Danny comes home to talk to his son. He says he is sorry. Danny and his son get into it. Danny says it’s bad he drank, cut school, and made a video and put it online. Danny takes his son’s cellphone.
Erin comes to talk to Anthony and says she has a new plan. Erin says they don’t need to prove Frankie coerced his mom. They just need to prove Frankie knew of his mom’s condition. They wire up Henry and have him talk to Frankie and Henry pretends to be mentally impaired. Unfortunately, someone Henry knows comes up to him and talks about how Henry was a cop. Frankie splits.
Baez is going through some video footage and there a bunch of black kids fighting in front of the window of the dead black woman. Then all of a sudden the video is gone.
Frank’s two employees enter Frank’s office and say that he needs to reinstate the cop. They tell Frank his public relations factor is going down. They say that Frank overreacted. Frank doesn’t think he did. The cop took a transfer out to Nassau county.
Danny and Baez goes to the black kid’s neighborhood in the dark. I don’t think that’s a good idea. They show the kids the video and arrest the one kid.
Meanwhile Anthony is walking in a neighborhood and runs into Erin. Erin says I was hoping I wouldn’t find you here. They are on Frankie’s block. Erin says Anthony cannot do what he wants to do because then his mom will lose him. Erin tells Anthony to go home or she will call it in. Anthony walks away.
Danny is taking the kid into the precinct and someone comes by and shoots at Danny and the kid. Not good. However, neither Danny nor the kid got hit. The kid gets scared and says he wants to go home. Danny gets the kid to admit it was Roxie. Danny and Baez knock on Roxie’s attorney’s door and give him a warrant for Roxie’s arrest for the old lady’s murder and the attempted murder of the kid. Going down the stairs Danny notices blood on the steps. Danny asks the attorney if there is someone in the house with him. Danny breaks in and sure enough, Roxie is there and she has an arm wound. Danny gets her to drop her gun and he cuffs her.
Henry comes to talk to Anthony and apologizes that things didn’t work out. Anthony says they will catch Frankie eventually. Henry gives Anthony a check for $30,000. Henry says he has connections to his mom’s bank and they are reimbursing his mother’s funds. Anthony doesn’t know what to say. Henry says, invite me over for dinner sometime.
Then it is time for the Reagan family dinner. Frank is defending his reprimand of the texting, smoking cop. Danny says that cop is sharp and noticed things Danny didn’t.
Meanwhile the cop is still on phone duty. Frank enters the precinct and tells the cop they are even as they both busted each other’s chops. Frank doesn’t want the cop to transfer to Nassau. Frank gives the cop some nicotine lozenges so the cop doesn’t have to smoke on the job. The cop salutes Frank and Frank salutes him back. The end.
What did you think of the episode? Was Frank too hard on the cop who was smoking and texting on the job?