MacGyver: (S1E2) "Metal Saw"

This episode wasn’t too disappointing.  It was action packed and had a few chuckle worthy zingers. 
It started off with the guys being chased through North Korea because they kidnapped someone. During this chase Dalton mentions to MacGyver that “he needs his A game on this one”. MacGyver does a double take and asks what he means. Dalton is referring to MacGyver’s mental state since his ex-girlfriend escaped from police custody. Not one to have his skills questioned MacGyver gets them out of their pinch before the beginning credits role. 
Moving from action packed beginning to comedic sequence, MacGyver is awaken by his roommate, Wilt, dressed as a North Korean general which sends MacGyver into fight mode. He tackles Wilt but before he can punch “the general” Wilt removes the mask and reveals himself. Just in time for Riley to walk in on them in their…compromising position. 
Riley enlists Wilt’s help to deceive her probation officer who believes criminals are less likely to fall victim to recidivism if they are in a relationship with a stable person. Wilt, of course, thinks that since he is already pretending to be Riley’s boyfriend he might as well shoot for the real thing. He asks Riley for her phone number. She gives him one number. He gets a new number every week he successfully pretends to be Riley’s boyfriend. I guess he’s in this for the long haul. 
Cut over to Dalton and Thornton who are discussing MacGyver. Thornton wants to know where MacGyver’s head is at since Nikki escaped. Dalton…being Dalton…covers for MacGyver and assures Thornton that MacGyver is indeed preforming at his optimum level. We find out this is kind of a lie because MacGyver has been visiting Nikki’s apartment on a regular basis. 
It seems this week was very hetero-relationship focused because after moving from Riley and Wilt to MacGyver and Nikki…we find out that their mission for this week is to rescue Dalton’s former beau…a woman he still very much has feelings for…no matter the plethora of denials. 
Using the cool MacGyver gear of the week, a MacGyvered pair of night vision goggles, MacGyver rescues Dalton’s lady love. But this was only half way through the episode so we knew something else was going down. Turns out lady love’s landlord was tortured and killed by the drug lord who had imprisoned her. Cue change of mission to include capturing said drug lord. They don’t inform Thornton because it would take too much time. 
Thornton comes in to save the day anyway just in time to save Riley from some potential attackers who cornered her at a cyber cafe and then to drive the pursuit vehicle for the team in order to chase the drug lord who escaping via a motorcycle. 
They catch him, but the episode doesn’t end there. Dalton gets his heart (not too) broken because he finds out his lady love has a fiance and then MacGyver goes back to Nikki’s apartment. He tries to explain himself. He says he’s not going back there out of some romantic sentiment but because he wants to put her in jail. (Sure sure…we believe him.) He finds, inside the wall, a passport and cell phone. The passport identifies Nikki as some woman named Anna. MacGyver looks relieved. But what conclusion has he drawn? Based on the look on his face and because I don’t believe him when he says he’s not driven by romantic sentiment, I think he thinks this means perhaps she’s some kind of ultra secret government agent simply carrying out her mission. I mean…this could be true. Or, it could be a clean identity she concocted for future purposes but never got around to using. Guess we’ll find out as the season progress. 
I gave last week’s episode a meh rating. This week…they’ve moved a little further away from meh…toward good. It still feels a little cliche and some of the zingers still feel a bit forced. I did like the line, “I want your biggest bundle of minutes.” It spoke to my nerdiness. I think either the series will get better and/or it will just grow on me. We shall see.