Pitch: (S01E02) "The Interim"

Review: We start this episode with Ginny and her agent Amelia (Ali Larter) talking about Ginny taking a view interviews. Ginny expresses how much it means for her to be “one of the guys” not wanting any special treatment. That’s when we flash back to when Ginny meets Amelia for the first time. What we didn’t know was that Ginny’s brother used to be her agent. He steps aside when he realized he couldn’t do half the things Amelia was able to pull off. Like the camera crew that showed up at one of her AA games. Along with a ton of fans. Will steps aside to do what’s best for his sister.
Ginny’s first step in fitting in, she goes out with the guys to have a drink which quickly gets ruined by the TV drowning out their conversation with the news of Ginny and how popular she is compared to the other guys on the team. Don’t worry, it gets better. Next morning, when Ginny decides to take the bus with the guys and Lawson is going over how many times he was waved off (17 times by the way) and how she needs to trust her change up more. After their little conversation a breaking story comes on and low and behold who you believe it. It’s Al, making the headlines instead of Ginny. How does he take the spotlight you ask? A sexiest comment about the one and only Ginny Baker, but don’t worry only the whole team and everyone in the nation heard it. No big deal.
What surprises me is Ginny’s response, she doesn’t want any kind of retaliation, instead she is determined to prove that she is one of the guys. Ginny wants to make a statement, but Amelia holds off and goes against Ginny’s request to release the statement. In doing so, you can tell Ginny is determined to have her way and the last word, so she agrees to go on the Jimmy Kimmel show where she makes her statement loud and clear!! She’s one of the guys and that she holds nothing against Al, she even pointed out that she didn’t approve of what he said, but that he was still a great manager. All the while during her interview with Kimmel, Lawson has a little come to Jesus meeting with the guys to let them know they need to focus on the sold out games instead of what’s going on with the media.
I think my favorite part of the episode was the showdown in the workout room between Lawson and Baker. We got to see what they both were capable of and a little friendly competition.
I think this episode was actually well needed. We get to see Ginny establish herself as the boss to her agent, we see Lawson step up for her, we see the team grow a little as a team. It isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, but I think this episode was the first step in the right direction. We even got a little background on Amelia. Most importantly we witness Ginny Baker take a step closer to being one of the guys.
Rating: 7.5/10