The Exorcist: (S01E02) "Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula"

The episode opens with a bunch of kids in a house and a priest telling them that no one cares about them. The priest takes one of the kids on a walk through some tunnels. The kid comes upon a crazy man or maybe he is possessed. The kid tries reading passages from the Bible. Flash back to today and Father Marcus is on a bus. The kid is Father Marcus.
At the Rance home, Angela is getting a late night snack while her daughter Casey is talking in a man’s voice in the kitchen. The girl seems to wake up and Angela calls her daughter’s name.
Then we see Father Tomas talking to the bishop about Casey. Angela has videotaped Casey speaking in the male voice and Tomas shows it to the bishop. The bishop tries to discount this and tells Tomas to keep his mind on his job. The bishop says the girl just needs a psychiatrist. The bishop brings up Tomas’s visit to St. Thomas Aquinas and says one of their priests, Father Marcus is missing.
Angela meets a friend and tries to get a contribution from her for a visit from the pope. Angela gets a text and calls Casey. Casey is just breathing into the phone. Angela hurries home and calls for Casey, Kat, or Henry and gets no response. She calls one of their cell phones and it is lying on one of their beds ringing. Angela hears a door bang in another part of the house. Apparently Henry took out Casey and Kat for ice cream. Casey reaches out for her phone and there are a bunch of worm like creatures under it. She says she is never touching her phone again.
Father Tomas arrives home and Marcus is there and says we are out of eggs. Tomas asks Marcus what he is doing there. Marcus says you are the one looking for me. Marcus asks if Tomas told anyone else about the girl. Tomas says the bishop. Marcus guesses that the bishop told him to forget it. Marcus tells Tomas there are stages to demon possession and that right now the demon has gone quiet but when it shows itself Marcus will kill the demon. Marcus says Tomas is invited to watch but he will probably pass out. Father Tomas is too cute to be a priest. Tomas says St. Thomas Aquinas is for broken priests and asks why Marcus was there. Marcus counters by holding up a letter and asking who is Jessica.
Casey is playing a game and there is a strange man watching. Kat is rooting for Casey. All of a sudden you can tell that something is wrong with Casey and she causes another girl to fall down and get hurt.
Marcus tells Tomas that he read the letters and that Jessica talks about remembering the smell of his hair. Tomas says she was helping him with his English and he was helping her with her Spanish. It was just a short term thing. She was getting married and he took his vows. Marcus says Tomas needs to break it off completely with Jessica if they hope to save the Rance girl.
Meanwhile the Rance girls are playing Jenga with their father. Angela enters and Henry asks her to be on his team. Angela asks Casey how her day was. Kat says she went and watched the game. Kat and Casey talk about how Angela will sic Father Tomas on Casey like she did on Kat once they tell Angela how one of the players legs just snapped.
Angela shows up at the church and tells Tomas she needs to talk to him. She says the demon can move things and hurt other people. Tomas says he wants Casey to see a therapist first. Angela says you know what you saw. Tomas says exorcism is extreme. Angela is not happy. She steals some holy water. You go mama. Marcus is there and sees her and says God helps those who help themselves. Marcus says you are Angela Rance, Casey’s mom. Marcus fills up the water bottle and tells Angela to put it in Casey’s drinking water.
Tomas is feeding the homeless at the church. Casey is serving. Marcus comes through the line and Casey tells Marcus she likes his accent. Angela and Henry are there too. A scary looking man walks up to Casey and says “Hi. I know you. He chose you. You are so special.” He asks to touch Casey. Father Marcus drags him away. The scary man talks in a demon’s voice to Marcus and Marcus flashes back to the possessed man he came on as a kid.
Tomas is meeting with Jessica. He says he just wanted to see her. She says you called and I came. They practice their languages with each other. Jessica tells him he is a handsome man and he should let a girl take him shopping. She reaches out and takes his hand. Tomas pulls away and says he can’t. She leaves and says just send me another letter. I love getting letters.
Meanwhile Marcus sees the scary homeless guy who talked to Casey. The guy gets on a business van. Marcus walks down an alley of homeless people and finds an old woman who says we were told you were gone. Marcus says who are you. He holds up a cross and says “Come out into the light. I order you.” The woman asks on who’s authority. Father Marcus says the father, the son, and the holy spirit. The woman laughs then Marcus calls on the power of Christ to release this woman. The woman doesn’t look very good and the demon doesn’t come out of her.
At the Rance home, Angela puts some holy water in Casey’s water as they sit down to dinner. Henry prays and then he stops. Angela prompts him and Henry finishes the prayer. Angela says she wants to apologize for last night. She says she is sorry she was late for game night and has been so distracted. She tells them she loves them all more than anything. Angela tells Kat she is sorry Kat is in so much pain that she doesn’t even know how to help her. Henry makes a toast to everyone getting stronger day by day. Casey takes a sip of her water but nothing happens. After dinner, Casey says she has to go study. She goes to the bathroom and throws up a bunch of green stuff into the toilet. The green vomit is a tribute to the original Exorcist movie. I guess that holy water didn’t agree with her. Then a long wormlike thing comes out of her mouth. Casey throws it in the toilet and flushes.
Casey is sitting outside and a man asks if he can come talk to her. She says she thinks there is really something wrong with her. It is the same guy who was watching her at the game. She talks to him but when Henry looks out the window, there is no one sitting next to Casey. Hmmm…Who is that guy?
Tomas is looking at some of Marcus’s stuff and asks him when he was going to tell him about this. Tomas says Marcus has pictures of tortured kids in this book. Marcus says there are many demons here. Tomas tells Marcus he should go now. Marcus tells Tomas that when he was seven his dad killed his mom right in front of him and that he was shoved in a boy’s home for a few years before being sold to a guy from the church. He says when he was 12, he was locked in the room with a man possessed by a demon. Marcus says when he was 12 he discovered his purpose. Marcus wants to help the Rance family. Tomas admits to seeing Jessica but that he didn’t really break it off with her.
A black kid enters his home but he has headphones on so he doesn’t notice anything. His father and brother are dead. His mother is killed while he is in the house. Then he is killed. The scary homeless man and some other men are gathering up the organs of the dead bodies. They go back into the van. Hmmm…What are they going to do with those organs? Do I really want to know?
Marcus sees the story of this family’s murder and that they were all stabbed. The news anchor says it was probably gang related. The scene closes with Marcus looking out his window at a billboard of the pope with the words he is coming. That is the end of the episode.
What do you think of the episode? Can Casey be saved? If so, who will save her? Marcus or Tomas?