Van Helsing (S01E03) "Stay Inside"

Its so nice when we get to see a little bit of a back story of one of the vampire body guards in what he was doing before the volcanic eruption happened at Yellowstone Park in this world. I got to say every episode I watch I’m loving it more and more especially our actress Kelly Overton she is doing such a phenomenal job as Vanessa Helsing but now we shall get to the good stuff.
In this episode: We are taken back moments before Yellowstone’s volcano erupted and darkened the skies for all the vampires to come out and play. We are given a look at Julius (Aleks Paunovic) where he was hiding out in a room of heroin junkies hoping they would fall asleep from all the drugs they were injecting themselves with. Once they went to sleep Julius went over to a young girl and started drinking her blood from the needle. Once Julius saw the sky darken he tested outside to see if he would survive, he escaped from the junkies house and started bitting lots of people including women, police men, lots of other people and one of the people he turned was Phil aka Flesh (Vincent Gale). Once Flesh was turned into a vampire he went to his home and slaughtered his children but left his wife alone to grieve.
Now in the present time Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) and Vanessa (Kelly Overton) are having a talk about what just happened to Flesh, how he was turned back into human. When Vanessa doesn’t know the answers Axel tells her when Doc (Rukiya Bernard) was still human she tested Vanessa’s blood and it showed something special about her. Vanessa claims theres nothing special about her. The attention is then taken away by the vampires torturing John’s (David Cubbit) wife Susan (Hilary Jardine) the vampires whip and torture her and demand for a trade, Susan for Vanessa but just when John is about to say he’ll do the trade the vampires prepare to turn Susan. Before they can Axel takes the shot and kills Susan on sight. John and Axel then have some harsh words and fist fights that lead to the windmill to be sent down off the roof which only gives Axel and the group 3 hours to live with it broken now.
Vanessa and Axel both choose to go to an area where Axel knows where he can find a replacement part to get the mill back to working and have the power come back on at the hospital or what they now call base. During the time of Axel and Vanessa’s absence Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) is in charge of guarding Doc in her vampire cage along with Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) while the two are guarding the cage John tries taking an object and killing Doc but Mohammad doesn’t allow John to get even one inch from the cage. John then chooses to go and pout.
Meanwhile in the city Axel and Vanessa get to a tunnel where its usually a hotspot for vampires but they seemed to have disappeared for the time so Axel tells Vanessa that if she feels three tugs on this rope to drop it and run for her life, if she has any trouble she is to tug on it once. As Vanessa is on the look out for vampires, the vampires choose to come back Vanessa starts yelling for Axel but then takes the gun and shoots at the vampires. One of the vampires keeps coming and eventually gets Vanessa down on the ground and bites into her but then turns that vampire back into human. As that human transformation is happening to that vampire Axel and Vanessa run back to the base.
Meanwhile at the base the rest of the group is in mass panic thinking the vampires are going to come crashing through those steel doors, but Flesh wanting to prove he can protect the group shows the vampires hes human again and makes them scared of knowing the “dead woman” Vanessa is the one who turned him back into human. Vanessa then asks Flesh, why did he risk his own life to protect them like that, because he could’ve been killed. Flesh reveals he wants to die but on his own terms and then begs Vanessa if he ever finds out that his wife has been turned that Vanessa can turn her back into a human, Vanessa walks away without saying anything because she knows she can’t make any promises.
Meanwhile back at one of the vampires lairs, one of the vampires tells Julius that Flesh has been turned back into human and that Flesh says its because of the dead girl that turned him back. Julius demands for the vampire to go to Dimitri and tell him at once this news.
in the final scene of the episode Axel then requests for Vanessa’s help to turn Doc back into a human. Vampire Doc is frightened to be in the same cage as Vanessa and tries escaping to another part of the caged off area but Vanessa keeps trying to make her drink her blood. When Doc refuses to drink Vanessa bites into Doc really hard which then makes Doc pass out and starts turning back into human. Thinking Vanessa killed Doc, Vanessa is ridden with guilt until Doc gasps for a breath and is happy to be back in the land of the living…or is she?
Next episode: Episode 4 Coming Back airs Friday October 7th
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