This Is Us (S01E02) "The Big Three"

The episode “The Big Three” has shown heart, a shocker and a catchy tune that should stick to you for a week.
This week’s episode dived into some really good story lines with Kate and Toby, when Kate is struggling to lose weight but Toby hasn’t. The two go to a Hollywood party that Kevin invited them to for his support. When Toby gets Kate to dance, she sees the other people at the party looking at them and laughing, feeling embarrassing (something that I would a lot of times).
Another was Randle and his father, William. When Randall’s wife asked him about how long William will stay, Randall wants to try and help him with his health issue.But after a asking for money for the bus and coming home late, she talks to William and asked point blankly (like Kristina from Parenthood) if he’s buying drugs until Randall came and opened up about the cat that he feeds, named Clooney.
And the one that probably stole the show was Jack and Rebecca, as we saw from the beginning a happy soon to be parents couple til now we see them dealing with the kids at an age around 8 years old. Rebecca feels that their struggling at parenting and the one thing that isn’t helping is Jack and his coming home late drinking. She tells him to be a man and fix it and after a night sleeping in the hallway, Rebecca comes out and sits with him and he tells her that he’s gonna give the drinking up and make them at a parenting level a 12.
Kevin storyline was okay but not one I have liked expect last week’s pilot. Kevin, who quit the Manny show, his agent (played by Kathy Segal) forces him to apologizes to the head network guy ( played by Brad Garrett) at a party. He doesn’t want to and Kate helps him deciding that he should tell the guy off. Not a good thing to do to a the Big Boss at a Big Network when your show is the third most watched comedy. Even after threatening, Kevin, he calls Randall for advice and after the two talk Kevin decided he quit not matter what happened.
This episode was amazing with some really good story lines and a catchy tune that Jack had the kids sing it out one by one: “First came me and dad and gee, then came me and dad said wee and the third one came and dad said ga lee that makes three…The Big Three!! We see and hear that in both story lines as it made the three kids (adults) closer.
There was a shocker after watching Jack and Rebecca getting pounced from the kids, listing to a great track of “Can’t Find My Way Home,” we go back to Randall and his family, William settling in helping and soon the doorbell rings, it’s Randall’s parents and as he came up we see Rebecca and a guy that Randall calls Miguel walks beside her with a smile. WOW! Right?
You can catch This Is Us at it’s new time Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Oct. 11 on NBC.