Z Nation (S03E03) "Murphy's Miracle"

Review: Warning, this review contains spoilers. In my opinion, this episode was way too slow. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice episode but I’m so used to dynamic scenes that when things get slow I get a little bored. But don’t you worry! It gets better in the second half. Or, if you’re not like me, this episode is awesome since the very beginning

I’d say we can divide this episode in three story arcs.

The New World Order.

Murphy goes on with his crazy plan of creating a blend between humans and Zs, so he leads his small group to Spokane where they will set up a lab and start working on the blend vaccine. On their way to the city they find a family with their dying little girl, they are about to mercy her but Murphy arrives just in time to “save her”, he tells them he can help her daughter and then proceeds to bite her.

The saddest part of this is watching how 10K slowly realizes he’s under Murphy’s control. He seems confused because he can’t find the bite mark on his body, he still has his will — argues Murphy all the time, is upset with him, and wants to disobey all his orders — but he unwillingly does all that Murphy tells him to do.

This episode shows us once again that no matter how much Murphy tries to justify his actions, he’s still a narcissistic idiot who should be stopped

Going Postal.

Tracking the Murphy-Mobile, the team arrives to McCloud — just to discover the tracker has been removed and placed inside a Z — and find a postman trapped inside a truck surrounded by zombies. Just another normal day in the zombie apocalypse, but soon they realize something odd is happening: the Zs ignore them, they only have eyes for the poor mailman. When the team get ready to take care of those zombies, the mailman tells them not to do it —  weird — rolls down the window and feeds them, and they escape while they’re too busy eating.

Back in the post office the mailman, whose name is Wally Becker, says those Zs used to be his friends and neighbours so he couldn’t mercy them. He also tells them it has been so long since he saw another living soul that he’s willing to help them if they help him to get his mail truck back. The group splits: Roberta, Hector and Becker go to look for the truck, followed by all the Zs; Sun Mei, Addy and Doc head to the city motor pool where there is a radio they can use. Sun Mei tries to contact her people but no one answers, in response there’s a sad song, a kind of code which informs her the mission has been aborted and everyone’s dead. Then Addy tries to contact Citizen Z, he hears her but she doesn’t.

When they regroup, the interest of the zombies in the friendly mailman is more evident, so they decide to question him. It turns out Becker is a huge psychopath: first of all, he wasn’t who he said he was, we don’t know his real name; second, he has been feeding the Zs with the brains of the people who arrived to McCloud; and third, he hated all the people in town so he shot them the first day of the apocalypse and waited there until they turned. This explains the interest toward Mr. Becker, the Zs seem to hate him someway, because he was the last thing they saw when they were dying.

Of course all the members of our awesome team escapes from this crazy man, and he obviously dies. For what I’ve seen in this episode, I think Sun Mei is gonna have a hard time fitting in the team. She’s a strong character, well, they all are, but she’s used to be the one giving orders, so she might get in future arguments with Warren and Addy.

Citizen Z.

There’s not much to say about him for now. Kaya is doing all she can to get Simon back on air. Also she has a huge crush on him and gets really jealous when they find out Addy is alive. Her face in that scene is priceless.

It’s also nice to see Simon interacting with other humans. Nana and Uncle Kaskae are not good talkers, but great listeners. Almost at the end of the episode Simon finds out Kaya and her family are running out of food, and they decide to go back to the military base, or what is left of it.