Last Man On Earth (S03E02) “The Wild Guess Express”

Review: After running over Pat in last week’s episode, the group, including its new member Lewis, is still on the run. But they run out of gas soon after they leave, so they find a new house to hide in, the house of “still looking radiant” Cher.
Todd is freaking out because he might’ve just killed Pat. He tries to convince himself and the group that he didn’t hit him too hard with the van, but everybody else is pretty sure that Pat is dead. They tell Todd that it’s okay that he killed Pat because otherwise they would all be in danger, but Todd can’t live with the fact that he killed somebody.  Just to make sure that Pat is in fact dead, Phil and his new ex-marine dummy friends go over to the house to check. He finds Pat in the driveway, exactly where Todd ran him over. After paying his respects, Phil dumps Pat’s body in the garbage.
Phil tells the group that Pat is indeed dead and everybody is relieved, except Todd, who breaks down just at the thought of having killed someone. Phil can’t stand to see his friend like this and tries to cheer him up, by lying to him and telling Todd that Pat actually is alive. When Todd wants to go over to apologize for running him over, Phil even destroys the house to make it look like Pat is still there and very pissed off. Phil tells Todd to say nothing to the group about Pat being alive, but when they all want to go back to the house, which means they would be in danger, Todd tells them that Pat isn’t dead.
The group starts freaking out again and Phil doesn’t know what to do. So he tells Carol the truth about everything and they come up with a plan to make it seem like Phil kills Pat. The group doesn’t believe their acting though (which is completely understandable), but Carol’s play by play of Phil killing ‘Pat’ is hilarious. Phil comes clean to Todd about his lies, and even though Todd is devastated that he killed Pat, he is glad that Phil tried to protect him.
After sharing a hug, the whole group goes back to the house to see what Phil did to convince Todd that Pat was alive, only to realize that Pat’s boat is gone, as well as his body…
This episode is probably one of the strongest ensemble episodes of Last Man On Earth. Where usually the episodes not focusing on the whole group were the best, this one was really good because the whole group just knows each other and knows what they can expect from one another. With that hug at the end, they seem to be closer than ever and they probably need that too, in their fight against Pat.
I wonder how they are going to develop Lewis’ character. As the newcomer he doesn’t fit in the group, and like we saw when Phil #2 arrived, Phil doesn’t always get his way now. But even though the group agreed with Lewis a couple of times, it is clear that everybody still supports Phil when the truth comes out about him lying.
As opposed to Phil lying for his own good, as we saw a lot last season, now Phil is lying to help make his friend feel better. It’s obvious that Phil has grown as a person at least a little and is not as selfish as he used to be.. The friendship between Todd and Phil has had its ups and downs, but in this episode we see that their friendship has never been stronger.
With the focus on Todd killing Pat, you almost forget that Melissa also killed somebody last week. She doesn’t seem to care about it at all, but in the few scenes that we actually see her, it’s clear that she hasn’t processed it yet. In the next episodes we will probably see this blow up, but I think it’s great that the writers let Melissa react like this first because it seems totally in line with how she is as a character.
As I already mentioned, this is one of the stronger ensemble episodes of the show, this also means that the whole cast did a great job (as usual), but this week Mel Rodriguez was outstanding. His emotional scenes were really heartbreaking and I thought he did that very well.
There is a lot to look forward to in the next episodes. Where is Pat? What’s going on with Melissa? What will happen with Lewis and his relationship with the rest of the group? But we will have to wait for 2 weeks to see what happens! (Ugh, gotta love politics…)
Rating: 9/10