Once Upon A Time: (S06E02) “A Bitter Draught”

We’re just at the second episode of this season but there’s already a lot of happenings. Here’s a very short preview/ highlights of the episode (because I think, everyone has seen the episode already). 😉
 The Evil Queen has started her quest to get Regina back to the darkness. A flashback was shown that was set before the dark curse. The Evil Queen hired Count of Monte Cristo to kill David and Snow as part of her revenge. She didn’t succeed back then because Rumplestiltskin got in the way and he really needs for the dark curse to happen (the only way he can reunite with his son, Baelfire). Count was back through the Evil Queen to finish what Regina started. Regina wanted to stop it but the Evil Queen has his heart to control.
 Meanwhile, Belle was back in Storybrooke and asked Emma and Hook’s help to find her a shelter because she isn’t in good terms with Rumple. Hook offered a room inside Jolly Roger.
 Gold made a deal with the Evil Queen to leave Belle and his unborn son out of her plans in exchange for a tin that turned out to have a connection with David’s past.
 Emma continues with her therapy sessions with Archie Hopper regarding her hand tremors and vision. It was her first time to talk about it and she told him that the vision included her death. She needs to tell her parents about it but not at the moment where the Evil Queen is back and each one of them has an untold story to be revealed. The pursuit of this was called, “Operation Cobra: Part 2” by Henry. The mission is to know what each of the characters in the storybook ran away from, after their stories from the Operation Cobra: Part 1 played out.
 The much awaited face-off of Regina and the Evil Queen has happened. So far, the Evil Queen is succeeding with her plans to bring Regina back to the darkness by having Regina killed the Count. It was Regina’s first kill ever since her self-redemption journey seasons ago. It was so emotional because you can see how she struggled with saving the Charmings and saving Count at the same time. And I commend Lana Parrilla’s acting prowess doing the scenes of Regina and the Evil Queen together. She did a brilliant job showing each character’s individuality.
Additional notes:

  • The episode was named after the poison the Evil Queen gave to Count for him to use it to kill Snow and David.
  • The Evil Queen gained Zelena’s allegiance to her. I’m excited how this will play out in the next episodes.
  • I predicted the last part of the episode from my last week’s review that the Evil Queen could be Emma’s villain in her vision. But, it was shown in the episode that it could also be Regina. And now, here I am thinking it could be somebody else except the two.
  • The music and the sound effects placing helped heighten the intensity of the episode. Everything was on point.

Favorite Line from the episode:
                “I’m also getting a fresh start, and I don’t know what the future holds either. But I do know one thing. We don’t have to be afraid of anything, because whatever comes next, we’re going to face it together.” – Mayor Regina Mills