The Blacklist (S04E02) "Mato"


Liz makes some revealing discoveries from her past, while Red makes a huge change to his organization with his decision about Mr. Kaplan.
The episode starts off with Liz stuck on the plane flying away while in the clutches of Alexander Kirk, her supposed father. Pulling some wicked ninja like moves, she shoots the pilot and Kirk, leading to the plane crashing in the middle of Havana’s coast.
Episode two had a much insanity as episode one, and the stakes are just as high now that our newly named henchman and Blacklister, Mato. Following the car crash from last week, we see Mr. Kaplan try and stop Mato as he takes the baby; while Tom pulls up a short time later. However, not all is lost as Mr. Kaplan knows who can save baby Agnes. The gang’s off to Amarillo, TX to visit Lil’ Nikos. It’s a start.
With the plane sinking rapidly and Kirk losing a lot of blood, Liz has no choice but to keep him alive to find her baby. Thankfully, a kind fisherman comes along to save the two, only to get shot in the shoulder. Jerk move Kirk, but anything for family I guess.
I really did enjoy seeing Cooper put Navabi in her place when it came to looking for Liz. It’s one thing to feel betrayed, but it’s another thing to be as argumentative about the case as she has been these past two episodes.
Upon arriving to Amarillo, we meet Lil’ Nikos’ assistant who is clearly getting on Red’s nerves. Finding Nikos under the knife for a lap band, Red forces the doctors to wake him up, which means Tom Keane goes to work in a very gruesome way… :shudders:
I think it’s really important to note that Mato seems to care for Agnes giving his blessing before the two part ways. I noted in my review about how each sides care for the baby in their own strange ways, and it’s nice knowing that’s the case with the not completely evil Mato.
In an attempt to set a trap to get Mato out in the open, we get another scene with the delightfully nervous assistant to Nikos, Maise, who’s nervously drinking lemonade. Sadly, Mato sees Mr. Kaplan leading to an exciting chase that has Mato being hit by a car. This gives us my favorite scene in the episode; a chat with Mato about the Sundance Ritual. Red’s threat about spirit holes was particularly chilling. Onward to the Summer Palace.
It seems like every episode of The Blacklist, we learn a little bit about Liz and Red, but are given even more questions to ask. However, this episode gives us more answers than I expected. With the flashbacks of Liz’s mother, seeing where she grew up, and the kicker that just maybe Red has been lying to her about what happened one night, Liz has some serious stuff to sort out.
Finally, the FBI making their descent up the Summer Palace, Liz is safely brought in and we see a pretty emotional Liz and Ressler meet again, which is nice. Even better, Liz and Tom embrace in a very strange nursery hidden in a warehouse.
With that, we come to the final scene of the episode, Mr. Kaplan getting a single acre to spend the rest of her life there. I’m a huge fan of Mr. Kaplan so seeing Red shoot her, I was a little miffed, even with the awesome Gordon Lightfoot playing (remember when Sundown played in the first season?) it kinda made me yell at my screen a little bit.
But wait, did Mr. Kaplan’s hand move…? Guess we’ll have to wait for episode three to find out more about her backstory and who ‘Alice’ is. Overall, I’d give this episode a 7 of 10.