The Good Place (S01E04) "Chapter 4: Jason Mendoza"

In the previous episode, Jianyu spoke to Eleanor and told her that he’s not supposed to be there. Shocking not only Eleanor but us too.
Jianyu or Jason Mendoza tells Eleanor about how he got here and pretended to be a monk. He tells her that he was a music DJ filling in for Acid Cat, but when we learn more of his backstory, he decided that he wanted to be his own DJ and not a character.
Well, after the secret is out, he shows Eleanor his bud-hole (buddy hangout), where he plays video games and other stuff but Tahani thinks he’s meditating. But soon Chidi knows about Jason and his secret thinking that Eleanor has broken Jianyu.
After Chidi finds out, soon Tahani hears Jason speak for the first time and for only that time. She thinks that Eleanor and Chidi are helping him speak, which is a good cover. Later, Tahani tells Michael about it and set up an extra place for Jason for the grand opening of The Good Plate, where at the party, the only order on the menu is the customer’s favorite dish.
Michael wants to play a game, where everyone tells a special memory about their dish, as he tries to get Jason to speak, but failed when Eleanor and Chidi tries to stop it by ruining the cake and causing a sinkhole.
That was just enough to avoid Jason talking and for Eleanor and Chidi to get Jason to take their class on how to be a better person. After to agreeing, the next morning, he comes in and asked questions about if there are a soccer team and a prom. For Eleanor having a student like Jason in the class, will make Eleanor the smart one in the class, right Chidi?
This episode was hilarious! Loved Jason and Eleanor storyline in this episode. Even the bud-hole joke was hilarious, thinking that he said butt hole. The B-side story was good and funny but not like the A-story. Tahani and Michael getting ready for the opening of The Good Plates was funny not to mention the sinkhole was too.
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