The Strain (S03E06) “The Battle of Central Park”

Review: Warning, this review contains spoilers. This is the most amazing episode of the season up to now. OMG. I was holding my breath during all the first part, then I was relieved, then they crushed my soul. Simply brilliant.

At the beginning we see everyone getting ready to fight, the plan is simple: the convict teams will clear out all of the tunnels underneath the park, the police strike units will secure the park surface, and Fet will blow up the strigoi’s nest. Piece of cake.

Zach’s storyline was weird. I really enjoyed it. We see Kelly and Eichhorst walking into the boy’s room with a present for him: a cute feeler pet! Do you remember the feelers, don’t you? Those creepy blind strigoi kids. Well, now Zach has one as a pet, he plays catch with it, and even cuddles with the creature. Unfortunately,  playtime with the new pet is interrupted by his mother saying they need to leave because that place is not safe anymore. Now we know they already know about Feraldo’s plans.

Fet has to work with a small tactical team lead by Kate Rogers — you’ll recognise her, she slept with Fet some episodes ago — they are a really good team. She’s a tough character, we can see that when her men are killed one by one and she  has to put down the infected one, even in that awful situation she remains calm and goes on with the mission.

In the tunnels, the convicts team is forced to fight strigois. Gus finally does what I was expecting him to do long ago: he kills officer Tardi. God, that made me happy! Wandering in the tunnels, the small group — now reduced to three: Gus, Angel and María — runs into Fet and Rogers. Fet asks for their help, Gus accepts but tells Angel he has to lead María to a safe place, so the group splits again. I hope they stick together for the rest of the season, I’m sure I’m not the only one who think Gus/Angel storyline seemed to be so disconnected from the others.

Dutch and Eph head to Central Park to continue their research in the weird strigoi communication system. There’s not much to do until Fet contacts them to tell he found a message left by Zach, and that they should go to the tunnels. Once there they don’t find the boy but Eichhorst, who tells Eph that Zach is safe. He then proceeds to attack Eph but Dutch appears and cuts his hand, making him retreat. My guess about this is that the Master is planning to take Zach as his new vessel, but I also think that would be too obvious.

The scene in which they (Fet, Kate and Gus) blow up the nest is tense and amazing. It’s a small place, totally dark, while Fet is setting up the silver bomb strigois start coming from everywhere, below them is the nest full of sleeping strigois, and with all the fire guns’ noise I thought they would wake up. For a second I thought they weren’t gonna make it and then, boom! Big silver explosion killing every creature. It’s a huge relief to all…but it doesn’t last long. They won the battle underneath Central Park, but on the surface thousands of strigois overrun the checkpoints, and broke the northern perimeter.  They painfully realize that the nest was a bait, and they fell for it.