Blindspot (S02E03): "Hero Fears Imminent Rot" 

Blindspot continues to be one of the most action-packed shows on our screens, but what makes it even better is the way in which emotional vulnerability and humor also define it. It’s not all shoot-outs and car chases, but an exploration into a variety of human relationships both personal and professional. The episode titled “Hero Fears Imminent Rot” opens on a lady speaking on her cell-phone, quite passionately at that, and the audience watches as she gets in her car, which then blows up. Meanwhile, after being drugged and captured by Roman (Luke Mitchell) last week, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) wakes in a holding cell. She’s then taken to meet with Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) and Roman. The room is already so full of tension, a fact Jane picks up right away, questioning what’s wrong. With no answer, Shepherd looks well and truly pissed; She demands to know how Jane escaped Kade. Not just how but the ins and outs, and all the little details. We soon find out this hardline of questioning is because Kade has been spotted, and also because Jane has somewhat been found out. But she does a flawless job of covering her ass, with Shepherd not completely convinced but enough for now. 
Elsewhere, Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) wakes up with one hell of a hangover, with the news of Ali’s pregnancy still sinking in. Meanwhile, Zapata (Audrey Esparza) and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) are trying to figure out how they are going to play trivia when the latter has an important prior “friend meeting” to attend. Oh Patterson, it’s a date. Zapata knows that, we know that. Either way, the banter between the two women is hilarious but quickly comes to a halt when they find Mayfair’s belongings being taken down. The feel within the building goes from sad to bad, when neither Kurt nor Naz (Archie Panjabi) can’t seem to track Jane down. She’s officially off the radar and again the two go to head to head stating what they each believe is for the best. And on the topic of Jane, the episode cuts to her meeting with Shepherd. She’s been given a test to prove herself; her mark is Jeffrey Cantor, he missed his last drop and they aren’t sure whether they can trust him anymore. He was in love with Jane, that is why they are sending her, that and they need to microchip clone he was working on. 
Back at the FBI, Reade (Rob Brown) is not giving off good vibes at all, still concerned that he may have repressed important information from football camp. In other important news, the bomb from earlier in the episode is the case of the week, turns out it was a dime bomb with micro shrapnel pieces that corresponds to one of Jane’s tattoos. Weirdly though, just as the team starts to work, their phones all simultaneously go off; coordinates attacks are taking place. Cutting back to Jane and Roman, she asks what exactly her job will be when they arrive to meet Jeffery. Answered very plain and simple by Roman, Jane has to kill him, it’s a test to prove her loyalty. We get an insight into her and Roman’s history when he tells a chilling story of how they were given pet rabbits when they were young. Shortly after they were instructed to kill them; appalled by this, Roman notices and continues to reveal that he couldn’t. But Jane, well, she snapped its neck right away. 
With the reality of these attacks hitting home, each member are given a task as Naz and Weller start to work cohesively as leaders. Weller specifically asks Tasha to find him a causality list; which we later find out is his way to see if Jane is alive or dead. Zapata, knowing her teammate so well, asks whether he’s concerned she dead or more so that she’s been turned. Oh, and let me not forget, the beautiful moment that she admitted how proud Mayfair would be that Weller is in that chair. The growing dynamic and chemistry between the team is exciting and layered, showing the light and shade of each combination in such different ways. Elsewhere, Jeffrey saw Jane and Roman arrive and know full well what that means alerts (unsuccessful) police while locking himself in a safe room. It doesn’t last long though as Jane and her powers of persuasion win out. Jeffery exits the safe room, and all seems calm, that is before Roman smacks him with the butt of his gun. 
Back in the city, Patterson has discovered that the terrorists are tweeting once the explosion is detonated. Even more cleverly, they’re preloaded which Patterson works out could help the team find their next bombing location. Cutting back and forth this week, we return to Jane, now see in the woods with Roman and a bound and gagged Jeffery. Time has come for her real test; she must kill him. She holds the gun, but no sooner had she aimed does she lower it. She fails. And Roman, well he’s furious, with that anger manifesting itself in the overkill of Jeffrey. Note to self, never get on the wrong side of Roman. Back with the FBI, Reade (Rob Brown) approaches Borden (Ukweli Roach) about repressed memories – seems as though what Freddie said might still be playing on his mind. 
Jane arrives back at the FBI demanding she talk to Naz and Weller right away. She’s frantic and scared, informing them that her cover most probably is blown. Naz, with no empathy whatsoever, insists she should have taken the shot to kill Jeffery which starts another heated debate between her and Weller. This conversation must wait though as Patterson has tracked down the location of the next bomb, as well as the bombers identities. Reade and Zapata are the ones to find the bomb, unfortunately it has a remote detonator. As Zapata attempts to keep people away, Patterson busies herself trying to find a solution. We all know she will and she does. That solution, requires Reade and Zapata to shoot the bomb to pieces. Surprisingly, it works. In the meantime, Jane ran after one of suspects and ends up losing him when she has a flashback. Leading to another heated argument between Naz and Weller regarding whether or not she should be out in the field. On the outside looking in, Reade, much to the surprise of Zapata supports Jane on this one. He has a point, she has saved their lives more than once and after everything she’s been through he can’t blame her for being a little out of sorts. 
During this, the FBI have gots news of the next attack and the last terrorist taking hostages downtown. The team leave, Kurt instructing Jane to sit this one out after what happened previously. She seeks solace in Borden, questioning whether one is born with a killer instinct. Borden reassures her that through all of this to have faith that her moral compass will see her through. In the city, the team arrive to find the terrorist with a suicide vest strapped to himself. Weller, hearing that he’s becoming even more off kilter, walks in, no gun, to try and talk him down. It doesn’t go too well though, as the bomber instructs Weller to put the vest on. He remains somewhat focused, attempting to break through to the terrorist, meanwhile experiencing his own flashbacks to the ultrasound and Ali. And just as he seems to be breaking through, a shot rings out as the bomber falls down dead. Kurt is not happy when he finds out that Naz was the one who made the shot. The two, again, have it our, however this time Naz makes a point of saying that protecting her team is her number one priority. 
On a lighter note, Patterson breaks the news to Borden that she won’t be able to make it to their friend meeting. The exchange is adorable and quirky and all the things we’d expect with these two. Speaking of pairings, Weller and Jane share a quiet moment in the locker room where, for the first time since her return, we see Weller reaching out to help Jane. He asks what she needs, but she doesn’t know. All she knows is that this mission is harder than anything that has come before. He also assures her she’s not a killer, that she knows who she is and what she’s capable of. It’s an exchange that I’m sure made our #Jeller hearts burst. Elsewhere in the building, Zapata is making the rounds, announcing that they’ll be having something small for Mayfair later on. This news, and the fact Patterson can make it opens the door for Zapata to continue questioning this whole date thing. Patterson gets flustered and it’s hilarious, but what Zapata says next would make anyone feel confident enough to get back out there. She just doesn’t understand how a woman, the smartest and bravest she knows is so uncomfortable and nervous about dating. We all need a friend like Tasha Zapata. 
Jane returns to Sandstorm, ready for whatever fate they have in store for her, but upon arrival discovers that Roman lied to Shepherd for her. The shock is momentary, as Jane must act as if she was the one who successfully completed the task. Shepherd welcomes her back with a memorial for Oscar; Jane eulogizes him, the audience listening as Jane effortlessly talks about the man she once loved. The beautiful yet haunting moment about this scene, is that it’s cut with images of Kurt and the team drinking to Mayfair. It’s somber and filled with sadness yet the parallel between both is interesting. The monologue of Jane’s suitable for both Oscar and Mayfair. Once all is said and done Patterson returns, one last time, to try and save face with Borden. She discovers he does in fact speak Arabic (could he be the mole?), and also that he’s a super good kisser. That is because she plants one on him having found the confidence to do so. They both agree they’re terrible at the whole dating thing, before returning to sucking face. 
Zapata, having had enough of Reade and his attitude, finally confronts her partner. She’s done keeping secrets, especially after Mayfair and Jane, assuring Reade that she’s there for him. What happens next is a master class from Rob Brown; as he comes clean about what Freddie said, Zapata slowly realizes what it all means. Reade could be a victim, the thing is, he doesn’t know either way, he can’t seem to remember if he was a victim. The vulnerability and fear that overcomes him is heartbreaking, more so when Zapata hears him admit that fear. She embraces him, as Reade stands, fearing the unknown. Speaking of fear, back with Jane and Roman, she thanks him for covering for her but he’s not happy. In fact, he’s rather angry, warning Jane to sort herself out because if she doesn’t, he’ll find her rabbit (Weller) and make them bleed.