Conviction: (S01E01) "Pilot"

The attorney general Conner Wallace announces the Conviction Integrity Unit to investigate claims of innocence of inmates. He says his job isn’t about convictions, it is about justice. If they are wrong, they need to correct it even if it leads to embarrassment. He has figured out someone to lead this unit and it is Hazel Morrison.
The district attorney gives her a week to work on her first case. He has hired the team for her. She meets her team. She says her team can pick which cases to work. Then when they present the cases to her she changes her mind and decides to pick the case. She says they need to use a good guy. She wants to free a football player, Odell Dwyer, who was sentenced to life for killing his girlfriend.
Hazel sends her team members to go talk to Odell. He says he and his mom wrote over 150 letters regarding his innocence. Odell says he feels like life is slipping through his fingers. He didn’t kill his girlfriend. He doesn’t even want to go to a parole hearing as he can’t regret something he didn’t do and that’s the first question they ask you. Do you regret your crime? He says at the time of the crime he was 150 miles away.
Hazel comes home to talk to her brother. She asks him to get her out of this job.
Sam talks to Conner and Conner promises Sam a future if he keeps an eye on the team.
Odell’s mom shows up and tells Hazel she better do a good job on this case. Hazel says she doesn’t want Sam spying on her.
The team reviews the Odell’s police interview tapes and he is angry in the interviews.
Hazel goes to interview the victim’s mother and the mother says the football player is guilty.
The team finds out that Odell was on steroids. The team goes to where the body was found. The team discovers that Odell had plenty of time to kill her and get back to where he was.
Hazel and Conner might be having an affair.
Hazel gets dressed up and meet’s Conner at her mother, Harper’s Senate Campaign gala event. They dance. Hazel and Conner go over their win/loss record against each other. Harper comes over and says what a lovely couple. She asks to talk to her daughter alone. Harper tells Hazel she doesn’t have to sleep with Conner even though he helped them. She was arrested for intent to distribute drugs. Hazel tells Harper she has every opportunity in front of her. Hazel asks Harper if she has it in her.
Hazel goes to visit Odell in prison. She tells him he tried to buy a gun. He claims he didn’t kill Hannah. Hazel asks why did he want a gun. He says he was 17 and stupid. Hazel asks why Hannah was afraid of him. Odell says she wasn’t. Hazel says Hannah wrote in her journal that she was afraid of Odell. Odell says he was doing steroids to get a better chance at a college scholarship. He says he just needs a chance and Hazel is that chance.
Hazel and one of her staff goes to talk to the prosecutor on Odell’s case. He says he put the right person away. Then he burns Odell’s records right in front of them.
The next day Hazel tells her staff that she believes Odell is innocent. She says Odell says Hannah wasn’t writing about him in her journal. One of the staff questions Hannah’s time of death.
One of her team puts a dead pig out in the woods where Hannah died to see when the flies attack the body as this will help prove the time of Hannah’s death.
Hazel finds another suspect who is named Hector. They go looking for him but he doesn’t live where he used to live. The girl in the apartment shows Hazel’s staff a gun that Hector had.
The team members slept out in the woods with the dead pig and wake up at the time that Hannah was presumed to have died. There are no flies on the pig so the team members say that Hannah died after dark and Odell was playing football and he couldn’t have killed Hannah.
The next morning Hazel goes to tell Conner. Odell gets released. His family meets him and hugs him. Conner and Hazel’s staff are there to greet him.
Hazel goes back to the office and one of her staff member is dealing with what appears to be hundreds of files. She says they have been getting them all morning. Hazel looks happy about having more work. That is the end of the episode.
I am not too sure how much I will like this show. I didn’t find myself relating to or liking any of the characters. The show did not grab me emotionally either by the story or by the character’s actions. Of course I felt a little bad for Odell who served time for a crime he didn’t commit but that was the only flicker of emotion I felt. I want to feel emotions when I watch a show or I want to be surprised. What did you think of Conviction?