Family Guy: (S15E02) “Bookie of the Year”

In the 2nd episode of the season, Chris once again is the story.  This time his aggressiveness is the problem. This leads him to the baseball field where he is encouraged to work out his issues in sport.  He is “discovered” by Coach Doyle, while Chris is throwing rotten apples at passing cars. Doyle is one of the victims. He encourages Chris to accept a position on his team.  Showing a natural ability, Peter and the guys, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe start to gamble on Chris and become professional bookies.  Reaping the rewards of Chris’ talents, here is where we find the “Bookie” rather than Rookie of the year!
 In a perfect example of what happens when we assume: This episode shows the lengths some people will go to for the love of money and what happens when we don’t have a clear understanding of the wants, needs and intention of another. As bookies, the guys would loose a lot of money if Chris would win the big Championship game. He is now the favorite, so the simplest and fastest way to remedy the problem is to break Chris’ pitching arm.  What?! Although Peter wasn’t in on the beat down, he didn’t seem surprised nor upset enough to my liking, that his friends misunderstood him and beat up his son  The best part was his apology to Chris. This is the 2nd week Peter has been there, as much as he can be for his son.  I’m looking forward to the next episode.  We may be trending!
 On the other side of town, we find Brian and Stewie, together again with Frank Sinatra jr. Meeting at the Feast of San Gennaro in Quahog, it’s determined ya’cant get good Italian food anymore so the trio  turns a condemned building into an Italian restaurant. They sing together again; along with Frank’s celebrity status, that brings in customers.  They (the customers) return, because everything is “on the house!” per Frank’s generosity. Not making any money, the restaurant is closed, in “Cheers” fashion.
 I liked this episode, mainly because it was the last episode for Frank Sinatra, jr.  The singer, songwriter, actor and composer, died on March 16 of this year, at the age of 72.  The recurring Frank, was always a treat when he showed up all cool, quiet and willing to participate in whatever the “Let’s do it” scheme would be. Although it never worked out,  it was always a joy to hear them sing together , in Big Band genre. We’re fortunate Mr Sinatra shared his wealth in music and had fun with The Family Guy.
 This episode was written by Daniel Peck and dedicated in memory of Frank Sinatra Jr. 
…music was his calling. There aren’t too many singers around with Sinatra’s depth of experience in big band music, or his knowledge of the classic American songbook. There are even fewer with such real feeling for the lyrics of a song, and such a knack for investing a song with style and personality–Music critic Richard Ginell