Fear The Walking Dead (S02E14) "Wrath"

In the first part of this season finale, we follow the the two individuals that Travis’s son Chris left with. When initially finding their way to the hotel where Travis is located, they are taken in by Maddie. Unbeknownst to her the two boys were the same group Travis talked to her about in the previous episode. This prompts Maddie to try and keep the two boys away from Travis due to the boys letting it slip that Chris died in an automobile accident. Her plan to keep Travis from finding out goes awry as she attempts to lead the boys to a separate room with the intent on interrogating them. Several people who were awaiting medical perceived the two boys to be receiving special treatment and began causing enough commotion that it evidently led Travis to discovering the pair without his son. Once he was able to get into a room to ask the boys for information on Chris’s whereabouts, the duo let Travis know that Chris died in an accident. However due to a few mismatching stories, Travis caught to the two lying about what actually transpired with Chris’s death. Once he has a realization of what they did to his son, in a fit of rage, Travis brutally and savagely kills the two with his bare hands. The episode ends with Travis sitting on the ground defeated and empty.
My Thoughts:
I absolutely LOVED this episode!!! I felt so sad for Travis and even for Chris. I think it was an really unfortunate way to go and would have really liked to see Chris live a lot longer. I am very excited about the next finale episode.
Have you seen this episode? If so, leave your thoughts down below and tell me how this season is faring for you thus far. Until then.
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