Fear The Walking Dead (S02E15) "North"

In this second part finale episode finale we see the consequences of Travis’s action unfold. First starting with makeshift brain surgery being done to save hotel resident Oscar, who Travis accidentally injured in a his fit of rage. Once realizing that poor Oscar was not going to make it, he is put down and then Elena’s group start to plot on killing Travis for revenge. After an assassination attempt on Travis, Alicia quickly steps in and makes her first kill defending Travis. The group Alicia, Maddie & Travis then flee the hotel in a truck in search of Nick. Then when are taken to La Colonia where we see how the residents of this community are preparing for their stand against the grocery store gang. Instead of leaving, the residents decide to devise a plan to lure the gang members in and allow the zombies to do their bidding. This plan ends up working quite effectively and Nick and the leaves the camp before Maddie, Travis & Alicia find him. We lastly encounter Ofelia and her crossing the border into the United States.
My Thoughts:
I found this episode pretty convenient as far as the setup and the conclusion. I find it quite disconcerting and wonder will subsequent episodes keep this unreliable format. I really enjoyed the previous finale of this season over this episode and now only am semi interested in seeing the third season premiere.
Have you seen this finale episode? If so, leave your thoughts down below and tell me how this episode boded for you. Until then.
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