Scorpion: (S03E01 and S03E02) "Civil War" and "More Civil War"

The episode starts with fighter pilots in the air. Think Top Gun. One by one the pilots develop problems controlling their planes. Meanwhile Walter is five miles away from Paige. He is on the phone to Toby getting advice. Toby is on the computer looking for Happy’s husband.
Paige is walking around Tahoe with Tim. He asks her if she was relieved that their adjoining suites were not available. Paige doesn’t really answer. Tim tells her if there is anything holding her back in LA that he would understand. Paige says there is nothing holding her back. Walter runs up just in time to see Paige and Tim kiss. The look on Walter’s face is priceless. Tim’s phone rings. He has to answer as it is Cabe. Cabe tells him he needs him back there pronto. They have a problem. Walter’s phone rings too. Cabe asks where he is. Cabe needs him back there now. Walter admits he is 7 hours away in Tahoe. Cabe says the three of them have to fly back together. Cabe says this case will make all their other cases look easy. Paige and Tim are already on the plane when Walter enters. Sylvester and Ralph arrive to Scorpion headquarters in pajamas. It’s hilarious. Happy arrives back at Scorpion HQ. She admits she is in love with Toby and she is married even though Toby couldn’t find her marriage license. Happy says she is married to someone who she doesn’t love and has never loved but that is all she can say right now. He has to trust her until he can tell her more.
Walter, Paige, and Tim arrive at Scorpion HQ. Cabe has filled them in on the planes. Sylvester pulls the planes up on monitors. They are circling LA.
Toby asks Walter if he told Paige. Walter says he refused to engage. Walter says he will tell Paige how he feels when the plane situation is resolved. Someone from the air force arrives at Scorpion.
Tim pulls Paige aside and asks if Walter will be able to focus on this case. Paige says Walter always gets the job done.
Happy goes to Walter and asks if he messed with Happy’s marriage records. He said yes. He knows she doesn’t want Toby to know who she is married to.
The fighter pilots are still in the air and they are not in control of their weapons. They head out over the ocean and at least one plane explodes. The air force guy talks about how they are shutting down the air force and the US is without defense. This is not good. The story cannot get out. Too many nations would take advantage of this.
Toby says the hackers don’t speak English as he says an insult over the airwaves and no one responds. Toby guesses they are Eastern European. That they are children of those who survived the cold war. Walter says to try to track the hackers. Sylvester just tracked the hacker to Sofia, Bulgaria. The American Navy is also affected. Tim argues with Walter over how Walter divides the workloads. Cabe breaks it up. Cabe says Walter is the boss.
Walter and Paige are in the car together not talking. Another guy comes in to help. He has the plane that will take Cabe, Tim, & Sylvester to Bulgaria.
Toby and Happy are working together to help the one fighter pilot left in the air but yet they are fighting. Happy is working on some kind of laser. The plane barely misses Toby and Happy. He begs her to tell him who her husband is. Happy says she has given herself heart and soul to Toby and he needs to be happy with that. She will tell him who her husband is at some point. Toby takes back his proposal. Happy says she doesn’t accept that.
Sylvester finds a likely suspect in Bulgaria who is called the skunk.
Walter and Paige break into somewhere they shouldn’t be and Walter tries to shut down some servers. The rest of the team arrives in Sofia. The plan for the team in Bulgaria is to take some money away from the skunk.
Walter is in the process of trying to tell Paige about why he went to Tahoe but a missile is coming straight at them. Walt and Paige only have a few seconds to escape. They slide down the elevator cable as the explosion races down the elevator shaft and barely misses them. They get out of the building safely. Whew! However, the car they were driving is destroyed. It’s Toby’s. Walter says the Pentagon is going to need a new server and a new building.
Sylvester says they are using satellite. They break it to Toby about his car. Homeland is sending Walter and Paige another car. Cabe, Sylvester, & Tim get to where they are supposed to be. They enter Skunk’s lair. Sylvester is freaking about learning how to gamble.
Paige finds Walter’s texts about changing the room assignments at the hotel. Paige is mad.
Cabe says he and his friends are private contractors and his friend, Sylvester, is looking for a game. The guard says it’s a private club. Cabe flashes the money. They get searched and then they are granted admittance. Sylvester sits down to play and he seems a little nervous. He is repeating the game rules out loud. I don’t know how long he will last.
Paige is walking away from Walter while they are waiting for the car to come. Paige tells Walter he is a hopeless infant who can help everyone else but can’t help himself. Paige says I’ve been waiting two years to tell you this. You were wrong.
One of the guards invites Sylvester to join the VIP table.
The air force guy calls Scorpion HQ and says something of theirs is missing.
Walter wants to tell Paige why he did what he did. Paige doesn’t want to hear it and says she doesn’t care. As Paige is walking away, he tells Page he went to tell her he loves her. Paige doesn’t hear. However, Tim hears on their communication devices and that when he gets back, they are going to have a talk. Uh oh.
Tim, Cabe, & Sylvester are being held at gunpoint. Skunk comes in and says baccarat is a crap shoot but yet Sylvester won 15 hands in a row. Cabe says they were just trying to get his attention.
Cabe tells Sylvester how many pieces of USA’s equipment is now being controlled by someone else and that Sylvester needs to enter the game Skunk is asking him to enter. Sylvester says he’s going to have a heart attack.
Cabe asks Tim how he is doing after hearing that Walter loves Paige. Tim says they will have words when they get back. Cabe says not to hit him.
Paige and Walter go to get a big ball of aluminum. Why? Don’t ask me. Walter is still trying to talk to Paige about Lake Tahoe and his feelings. Paige says she still doesn’t want to hear it. They will talk when she is ready. Happy and Toby arrive. They are making a plan to interrupt the satellite of the bad guys. They launch the ball at the captured ship.
Skunk tells Sylvester not to talk. The players have to accept Sylvester as Bulgarian.
Happy is concerned that Walter is in an open boat with no protection from bullets. He says he will be fine. Once Happy and Toby get the ball launched, Walter boards the ship. Then they need to find a missing sub.
At the game, they are passing around a bottle of alcohol. We know how Sylvester feels about germs. Skunk tells Sylvester he has to take a drink otherwise it will offend the others. The drink distracts Sylvester and he makes the wrong call on a hand. Skunk and his guys rough him up. Then they find his U.S. Government card. Not good.
Somehow Cabe and Tim are left on their own in a bad neighborhood of Sofia. There is an explosion. Cabe and Tim are safe. I have no idea where Sylvester is.
Walter finds the sub and tries to communicate with the sub. They respond saying all their systems are failing. Walter says they will bring him in safely but he admits he doesn’t know how yet.
Toby says he needs to create a metal field to destroy the enemy’s signal to save the sub.
Skunk and Sylvester are in a car. Sylvester lost Skunk a lot of money. Skunk says Sylvester can’t talk his way out of this. Sylvester had been trying to discuss good relations between the U.S. and Bulgaria. Sylvester figures out what one of the other players was doing to cheat. Skunk stops the car and kills one of his men. Sylvester has disappeared. He is running through the forest. He loses his glasses but he stumbles across someone who hands him his glasses back. Sylvester says he needs a phone. She says she doesn’t have one. Sylvester finds some equipment of hers that he can use to make a call.
The whole team is arguing. The sub commander vows to destroy the sub rather than launch a missile. Walter says he has to allow the nuclear missile to launch. What?! After the commercial Walter explains how after it launches then he can hack into the system and send the missile to a safe place to detonate. The sub launches the missile. The bad guys are hacking faster than Walter. Just then Cabe and Tim break into the apartment where the bad guys are and destroy their equipment. Walter is able to redirect the missile to a safe place.
Uh oh. Skunk has found Sylvester and is about to shoot him. However, the pilot who flew the team over, flies really low over them and the bad guys drop down. The pilot comes and rescues Sylvester.
Back at Scorpion HQ, Toby is cleaning up. Happy is on her phone. Everyone else arrives. Sylvester brings food and tries to cheer everyone up. He tells the team they have to eat family style. Sylvester says it’s been so tense that Sylvester wanted to leave them. He tells them the team is acting weird and mad around each other and he hates it. He says no one gets food until he hears it. Hears what? Happy says she will eat family style, will Toby? Toby smarts off and then says he will. Walter says he’s not that hungry. Tim and Cabe arrive. Paige hugs Tim. Cabe goes up to Walter and says they need to talk. Cabe tells Walter he stood up for him because he cares for him and knows that it hurts that he is losing Paige. She is amazing but Walter pulled high school pranks to mess with her life. Cabe tells Walter Paige deserves more than what Walter can give her at this stage in her life. He tells Walter he has more growing to do. Walter says he is afraid of losing Paige if he waits too long. Cabe says he understands. Cabe says it’s not just Paige, it’s the whole team that will suffer. Walter goes to Tim and says he won’t cause any future problems and Tim and Walter shake hands. Sylvester asks Tim if he wants a plate. Tim says no, he and Paige are going to pick up Ralph and go eat somewhere. Toby says he is taking his food home. Paige tells Walter to have a good night. Walter says you too. Happy says she is going to go too. Then Walter gets on the phone and says he wants to make a health complaint about the restaurant Tim and Paige are going to but then he changes his mind. That is the end of the episode.
The best part of the episode was all the relationship drama. I care more about that than the action. What do you like better? The relationship drama or the action?