Conviction: (S01E01) "Pilot"

I’m completely underwhelmed by this pilot. I saw the trailer for this show and I of course I wanted to see it; Hayley Atwell is the lead! Not only that, the trailer made the show seem smart and fast paced. The trailer is a lying liar who lies. 
The episode starts with Hayes Morrison in jail being (figuratively) bailed out by D.A. Conner Wallace, but only if she decides to run his little pet project. The premise is that the team she will be running will re-investigate cases where the people who were convicted may actually be not guilty. Morrison point out that Wallace doesn’t actually want to do any good he just wants to look good in his future election for mayor. 
Morrison unenthusiastically meets with her team and basically lets them run themselves because she couldn’t be bothered. There are a few times where we think she’s going to do her turning point thing and suddenly start caring but it doesn’t actually happen until her mother scolds her. I find this strange because though the speech was mildly uplifting the show spent the entire time before we meet her mother telling us that her issues are with her family…especially her mother. So the scolding/pep talk wouldn’t have done it for me if I had her issues but apparently it worked. 
She starts to care and the team starts to run more efficiently. Because of this they blow the case wide open and find that the person that was convicted was in fact not guilty. Surprise, right? She then tells the D.A. that she’ll be coming after his cases too because that’s what you do when you care and aren’t afraid anymore. 
Yes. The episode was a bit typical. It’s a procedural. I expected that. But…I still feel tricked. They try to be smart by letting Morrison make all kinds of cool observations and bluntly say what she feels but it comes of as if she’s trying too hard. As for the fast pace that was alluded to…also untrue. They really dragged the episode along and played really heavily on her issues only to have her sort of abandon those issues to start caring all of a sudden. 
I think this show is a waste of some really good actors, especially Hayley Atwell. I might not watch this beyond one or two more episodes. Let’s see what happens next week.