Lucifer (S02E02) "Liar, Liar Slutty Dress On Fire"

So we last left off with the Mother of all Creation stumbling through Lucifer’s door. We find that after she escaped Hell she’s been jumping through a bunch of bodies (staying alive briefly calling Lucifer’s name then dying again). Finally Mom finds a body and sticks with it. However, Lucifer doesn’t buy the wounded bird act. Turns out Mom may have been kicked out of Heaven after sending one too many plagues and floods. Seems like while God loves humans, Mom isn’t so keen. To make sure her story checks out Lucifer and his Mom go to the hotel she woke up in but she’s wearing one of Maze’s kind of revealing dresses which gives Lucifer incredible discomfort which is hugely entertaining given how Lucifer is usually the inappropriate one. Seeing your mother naked is certainly traumatizing. Just as Maze was about to walk out on some errand that requires whips and restraints (hmmmm) Lucifer asks her to baby sit but NOT torture which leaves Maze disappointed since she can finally torture the Goddess of Creation in actual flesh and maybe put a few dents in her.
Meanwhile Lucifer drops in on Chloe and Dan discipling their daughter Trixie who destroyed a doll so she could get a new expensive one. Lucifer positively approves but sees Chloe’s refusal to get Trixie a new doll an act of abandonment. Refusing to get a child a new doll and letting dad to kick you out of the house are two completely different things but we know how Lucifer likes to project his problems onto others. Doesn’t matter since he takes it upon himself to buy Trixie the doll, which Chloe promptly sends back. Meanwhile as Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan try to solve the case of the missing lawyer (a.k.a. Mom) who’s puddle of blood is by another poor dead kid, Maze gets out her tools of torture. Mom at first seems to have Maze on the ropes pointing out how Maze may say she’s moving on but here she is doing Lucifer’s bidding but Maze reveals that Lucifer made a deal with God to put Mommy Dearest back in Hell. Mom suddenly heads butt Maze out cold and gets away with the corporate credit card. Nice baby sitting, Maze. Lucifer keeps trying to call Amenadiel but he’s not picking up those little prayers the Devil’s sending. Instead he’s doing research on fallen angels in the office he used to play psychiatrist. Speaking of which, Dr. Martin stops by to rake him over the coals making Amenadiel feel even more guilty about deceiving her.
Lucifer goes back home but finds that his mother had escaped. Now Lucifer has to track down Mom before the drug cartel that wants her dead does first. Clock is ticking since if she dies she can jump to another body and they would never find her again. Lucifer busts in through the tanning salon the leader of the drug cartel Victor was getting a sweet tan in. Threatening to turn him into a panini then throwing some thug through a wall of cocaine Lucifer helps bring Victor in but it turns out he’s not the one who ordered the hit on the lawyer. Going back to the law firm Lucifer and Chloe discover that it was a disgruntled associate who killed the lawyer. Said disgruntled employee locates Charlotte (a.k.a. Missing Lawyer, a.k.a. Lucifer’s Mom) at a store where she’s buying a cart load of cheese (what?)… Lucifer gets there just in time. Mom catches a spark in her son’s eyes as he watches Chloe take care of business (I’m sure that’ll be brought up in the future). Lucifer still thinks Chloe is abandoning Trixie in her hour of need (still a little a dramatic over a doll) but Chloe tells him that parents do things that their children don’t like but it’s because it’s what’s best for them. Amenadiel however is having a molting problem. After giving Dr. Martin a heartfelt apology for fooling her, Amenadiel goes home to find that he’s almost all of his feathers! What is happening! At Lucifer’s penthouse Mom tries to break the ice by offering some burnt cheese. Try cocaine next time but she tells him that she simply wants to heal their relationship and then reveals that she was the one who threw him out of Heaven. After he rebelled, God actually wanted to destroy Lucifer but Mom convinced God to send him to hell. Lucifer decides not to send his mother back to hell… yet! But that last evil smirk up at heaven followed by some thunder and lightning makes me think Mom is manipulating Lucifer to some degree.
I give this episode an A+! It was glorious to see Lucifer be uncomfortable for a change with someone on an investigation. Music was also on point. Who’s ever picking the songs has amazing taste and understands the flow of the show. I am also not buying Mom’s wounded bird act. I’m sure she has something evil in mind in destroying humanity while trying to sneak in some healing her relationship with her estranged sons. And Amenadiel is having a real wing crisis! Wonder when he’s going to tell Lucifer he’s losing his grace.