The Flash (S03E01) "Flashpoint"

Okay so ever since season 1’s season finale we have been dreading this moment to happen when Barry saves his mom from the death grip of The Reverse Flash and well in easy words fuck up reality! I for one have been pumped knowing that it would be coming to this point from the comics for the series. Flashpoint Paradox was one of the best comic storylines of the Flash and now to see a new version of that unfold for TV definitely going to be awesome. But I will tell all you fans this, after this episode nothing will be the same for the television shows of the Arrowverse: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow all will have events changed within them wither its for the good or bad we will have to wait and see very, very, very soon!
In this episode: We see Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) wake up in an alternate timeline, Barry then sees his mom Nora (Michelle Harrison) and his father Henry (John Wesley Shipp) are alive. Barry then remembers how the new timeline remembering he stopped the Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) from killing Nora. We then see Barry going to Jitters to get some coffee before heading to work, but meets Iris (Candice Patton) and asks her out on a date. He then takes a visit to where he has kept Reverse Flash prisoner, Reverse Flash taunts Barry in his little cage. But warns Barry the longer they stay in this timeline the sooner their memories and existence will fade.
Barry then gets saved by this timelines version of the Flash aka Kid Flash aka Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) fighting The Rival (Todd Lasance) who seems like a parallel version of Reverse Flash combined with Weather Wizard. Barry thanks the Flash and goes on with his day; As Barry is going about his day he is forced to use his super speed to get Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) on time to work as he was passed out on his couch. Joe then gets Barry straight that he doesn’t like him nor does he appreciate anything that Barry is doing for him and doesn’t approve of him liking Iris.
After Barry saves Wally from an encounter with The Rival from a deadly fall; Barry and Iris and Wally then take a visit to Ramon Industries (shaped like Star Labs) to visit Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to ask for his help with defeating The Rival. But when the conversation goes no where and Barry forgetting more and more of his own timeline, Barry then chooses to use his powers to reveal that he is the Flash and hes the one whose going to help Wally defeat the Rival. When Barry and Wally come up with a plan they meet The Rival at a place near the pier of the city to fight The Rival. The Rival and Kid Flash/Wally have a fight until The Rival fights dirty and stabs Wally in the back. The Flash then fights The Rival and forgets more of his timeline but when The Rival creates two twisters Barry then gets inspired by a speech Iris made and eliminates the twisters and defeats The Rival.
With Kid Flash/Wally not healing and getting weaker Barry then decides to do one thing before its too late. He needs Iris help but before they do what needs to be done Barry introduces Iris to his parents in hopes they would approve of Iris. Barry and Iris then visit The Reverse Flash and release him from his prison to help Barry get back to that night to kill Nora and set things right in the timeline again. Reverse Flash agrees to go back in time to kill Nora and once Reverse Flash returns Barry to his own timeline everything is supposedly set back the way it is. But now there will be repercussions of his actions, such as Iris and Joe not talking to each other and theres a new enemy coming to the surface ladies and gentlemen welcome the new villain…Doctor Alchemy!
Next Episode: The Flash (S3E2): Paradox airs October 11,2016
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