The Big Bang Theory (S10E03) “The Dependency Transcendence”

Review: Howard, Leonard and Sheldon are working late nights on their project so that they can finish in 2 months, like they promised Colonel Williams. Sheldon has trouble staying awake and while getting a drink, he has a dream encounter with The Flash, who gives him a Red Bull. When the Red Bull kicks in, Sheldon is more awake than ever and ready to work on the project. After a while though, he breaks down and gets very tired, which he blames on his new dependency on caffeine. The rest of the episode he struggles with his new ‘addiction’, while Leonard tells him to work on the project. Sheldon confesses that he can’t, and not because he’s tired or needs caffeine, but because he just can’t figure out the math. I liked seeing this vulnerable side of Sheldon again and I don’t think we’ve ever really seen him struggle with anything work related this much. The part of this storyline that did bug me though was that when the guys go to Colonel Williams to tell him it might take up to 2 years to finish the project, he is fine with it. After last week’s episode where he was very hard on them, he now suddenly thinks it is no problem for them to finish it that much later, it doesn’t really make sense to me.
With Sheldon working on the project, Amy has a party to attend without him, and Penny offers to go with her. The party is not much of a party, when nobody else but Amy and Penny show up, but they decide to stay anyway, when the host, Burt, starts talking about how Amy is the coolest girl on campus. I enjoyed this storyline the most because Penny and Amy’s interactions with Burt were just really funny.
Raj and Bernadette spend some time together, cleaning out the room for the baby, but Bernadette isn’t very enthusiastic. She is worried that she doesn’t care about the baby as much as she should. While it brings up an interesting point about Bernadette’s pregnancy, the scenes between her and Raj were definitely not the best part of the episode.
This was just an average episode in my opinion. I liked it, it had some funny lines and great moments, but there were also plenty of things that I really didn’t like. I loved seeing Sheldon on his caffeine high and I also really enjoyed Penny’s surprise reaction to Amy and Sheldon being popular at the university.
Rating: 7.5