Chicago PD (S04E03): "All Cylinders Firing"

After a complex storyline in last week’s episode, Chicago PD toned it down to one dramatic, heart wrenching storyline for characters and audience members in “All Cylinders Firing.” When beloved Platt’s life is at stake, everyone is emotionally connected to the case.
I’m very glad that the writers kept minimal plot lines for this episode. It showed how much Platt means to the story and allowed us to follow along with much more ease than some episodes.
I do wish they would have followed up more on Natalie and her partner. What was the meaning of bringing Natalie to the club if she just sat in the background the entire time? I think these answers were probably in other scenes that were cut in the final editing process, which is a shame.
This episode was great, but some of it felt too made up, like it came out of nowhere. I kept expecting the Commander to play a role in the episode since it felt like Platt was holding that information back, and so far that’s the only person we knew Platt had any problems with. I understand why this wasn’t the plot line, as the writers probably want to build this up more, but it still felt weird not to include it whatsoever.