New Girl (S06E03) "Single and Sufficient"


Cece and Schmidt invite Winston, Ally, Jess and her friends to go “glamping” while Nick discovers he is a surprisingly talented writer.
“Sleeping bags are for hobos and children.”
Yes, I am starting off this review with a Schmidt quote, as his ridiculousness never ceases to make me laugh. Seriously though Winston. I know you love Ally and you haven’t seen her in a while, but 52 times? That’s too much sex for the human body to handle.
Given the excessive amount of information Cece and Schmidt just heard, they decide that Jess is an appropriate person to invite. Her insistence on not being the third wheel leads her to invite the singles group dedicated to being single.
The next morning, Schmidt is standing creepily (seriously Schmidt, very Kathy Bates in Misery; look it up kids) over Nick with Nick’s novel that is apparently amazing. Ah, The Pepperwood Chronicles. As a native Chicagoan, Nick has a special connection to Julius Pepperwood (See S02E14 “I’m from Chicago. Thin crust pizza? No thank you. I’m from Chicago.”) and we finally see him blossom as a full fledged writer. It only took six years. But no notes?! How else is Nick going to write another chapter by Sunday?
Aaaaaand we go right to the scene where Winston and Ally want to not wear clothes. (Can’t we watch a DEA agent be drowned in jambalaya?) Thankfully, we see Robby! Ya know, the guy that fell in love with Cece and is one of Schmidt’s best friends? He’s the best. Except he helped form a group with a motto ‘I’m single and I’m sufficient.’
ISIS. Robby and Jess formed a group called ISIS. I really think Jess should have caught that as head of Communications. (God I hope Homeland Security doesn’t come after me for this post.)
Joining the group is Brenda, Hugh (who honestly might have appendicitis), and Principal Foster (congrats on being able to have sex after your hip surgery!) who are all part of the singles group. What could go wrong?
So. No notes. Just start writing Nick. Let Schmidt commune with nature. It does terrify me that Nick is taking real news and using it in his very violent book. Winston, you gotta take a step back man. Ally needs some time… to read a very long book.
Meanwhile, Hugh is very horny in the lake and t̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶c̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶G̶o̶d̶ (sorry, my inner Supernatural dork was showing) Principal Foster is not wanting any of that. Just look at all of that chemistry happening between Robby and Jess. Enter Robby with a guitar and a penchant for singing a great cover of Toto’s Africa.
Nick still can’t get past his notes situation and no one seems to be willing to help (Damn that raven haired dandy boy!), but Winston thinks it’s time to read book instead of actually saying what he really wants. C’mon Winston. You love Ally. Be a man. And Ally? Be a woman. You love Winston. Communication is key in all things people. (Really. Thirteen times?! Mercy.)
Back to the campfire scene, a charged Jess and Robby are belting out some serious chords until Jess stops the now apparent chemistry between the two, but conveniently ignores it; and attacks Hugh and Brenda while Foster goes after the choice of Toto’s Africa (they have a deep catalogue to be honest).
Believe it or not, Robby has feelings for Jess, which naturally leads to an awkward moment that has us unsure of where Jess stands. Sadly for all shippers out there, she’s not ready yet.
Cut to the next day, Nick has written a new chapter and there are some stranger things afoot. Pepperwood needs a ‘Schmidt’, who is a bad guy…? Honestly though, who kicks a puppy? It is disgusting. NO NOTES.
Look at the cute “non-couple” in a restaurant. Jess and Robby are just so happen to be sharing a table while reading/word searching.
This episode was pretty plot heavy, not going to lie. Unfortunately that means it isn’t always the best when it comes to comedy, but that’s okay! Plot means that there are new situations which lead to comedy. I loved seeing Schmidt and Cece take a bit of a backseat to Jess and Robby’s thing and I really enjoyed seeing Ally com back into Winston’s life. Most of all, I think watching Nick be a full fledged writer is a huge leap for the character. I wasn’t sure where they’d take him to be honest. Nick was kind of the only one who didn’t have something that was concrete and specific to him, which was a big moment for him. As a native Illinoisan, it was nice seeing Julius take a real lead in the show. Side note: Robby is a dork, and I hope he sticks around. 7/10