Shameless (S07E01) "Hiraeth"

Review: Showtime’s Dramedy Shameless returned for its seventh season last Sunday, making it the second season of the show to air in 2016. Although  Shameless isn’t as cleverly written as it  was during its earlier seasons, the shows still possesses many of its ‘unique elements’ which made the show so great in the first place. It is still as unapologetic, Wild, Dark humored and emotional as it use to be.
After 6 seasons of Shameless it is amazing how much of a second family ‘The Gallagher’s’ feel to religious viewers. The Character Development on this show is one of the best things about it. Seeing our favorite characters grow in front of our eyes , facing all the challenges of this cruel harsh world. When we last saw these characters, Frank was doing what he does best and that’s ruin everything, as he stormed into Fiona’s wedding (uninvited) and outed Fiona’s fiancé (aka boyfriend of the season?) for still being a junkie. Lip checked himself into rehab after drunkenly vandalizing his professor’s car. Debbie was facing the pressures of being a teen mom. Carl had made a much needed change to his appearance as he tried to win over his girlfriend’s dad acceptance. Ian was getting a first hand experience at how hard it is to get a government job with a mental illness. And of course, Kev, Veronica and Svet were in a threesome. So what are the characters up to in this season premiere?
Frank once again wakes up in ICU, the aftermath of being thrown into Lake Michigan by ‘family and friends’. He tries to skip out on the $150,000 hospital bill (Frank being Frank) but his weaken muscles wouldn’t allow him. He somehow gets out with a wheelchair, goes the bar and is upset to learn no one came to look for him the 29 days he was in the hospital. He returns home and is mostly ignored despite being in his handicapped state, until he starts making a ruckus. He locked himself inside Fiona’s room, I wonder how that’s gonna work out? He has to come out sometime
Fiona seems to not be romantically involved with anyone since the series premiered. She is now managing the her ex-fiance’s diner who seem to be out of the picture, and has given her self quite a make over which consists of hair dye and a tattoo. Managing the diner seems to be allot stressful on her part
Debbie is getting a first hand experience at the many struggles of being a teen mom. She tries to ditch her baby ‘Franny’ at the fire-station but rushes back to save her from a departing firetruck. Well, all hope might not be lost for Debbie as yet. She has vastly enters the family business and starts her own scheme of selling stolen baby strollers through the internet. With her new business Debbie can now afford a nanny to take care of Franny as she catches up on sleep she really needed.
Lip has been released from Rehab. Professor Youens picks him up, with promises of an internship at a tech company. Lip in the meanwhile seeks a job as a washer at Fiona’s diner. Fiona asks him about his plans for his future, he seems to be confident that Professor Youens has it all planned out for him. Despite just being released from Rehab Lip returns to Kev’s bar with an authorized drinking schedule. He assures everyone that he is not an alcoholic, but his minimal drinking is still a bit worrying to Kev and Veronica.
Carl is displeased by the fact that he’s the only male in the family who is not circumcised and his girlfriend Dominique refuses to give oral pleasure because of it. Carl digs up his ‘rainy day fund’ and bravely visits a doctor to get the procedure done.
Ian is much more stable than he was last season. He’s very comfortable with his job as an AMT and things seemed to be going his way for the first time in a while. That is until his suspicions that his boyfriend Caleb is cheating on him turns out to be true.
Kevin, V and Svetlana have turned their threesomes into a fully polyamorous relationship. Svetlana has added mathematics genius to her already many skills, and also comes with many benefits. But Kev and V might be thinking Svetlana is too good for them?
Like most of its season premieres, this episode of Shameless is relaxing and enjoyable but doesn’t give us much of anything new off its previous season plot wise. I am excited to see what Shameless will bring this season