The Goldbergs (S04E03) “George! George Glass!”

Review: The episode starts with Barry trying to convince Murray to loan him his car so that he can go to the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia. But Murray, of course, says no. When Murray gets dragged to a Beach Boys concert with Beverly later (which unbeknownst to him is part of Live Aid), he starts fighting with somebody else about a parking space. Thanks to Murray’s stubbornness, the fight lasts until the concert is over, to all disappointment of Bev. She wants him to change, but after an incident with steak fajitas (or fahgeetas), Beverly know that Murray will always be stubborn and selfish. Murray knows that he screwed up and goes back to the restaurant to get fahgeetas because he realizes that the most important thing to be stubborn about is making Beverly happy.
Now on to the other story in the episode. Adam sees his first crush, Waffle Girl (who we met in the pilot episode), at school. To impress her, he plans to George Glass her (referring to The Brady Bunch), making up a girlfriend to show her that he can hang with older girls. Erica tells Adam not to do this, but when she sees Geoff and Evelyn at school again, she decides to come up with a fake boyfriend herself. Adam is mad that Erica stole his idea and so they start battling who’s best at George Glassing someone. Adam goes to the extreme to recreate a relationship with an older girl (with vacuum hickeys), but gets himself in trouble when he tells Waffle Girl that he likes to paintball and she invites Adam to go with her. This doesn’t go too well, but things may be even going worse for Erica, when she gets outed by Evelyn for having a fake boyfriend. However, in the end of the episode, her Jordan Wahlberg does show up, thanks to Adam’s efforts, who helps her out because he knows that Erica and Geoff are “the real deal”.
I loved this episode. I really enjoyed both storylines. I always like it when Murray shows his more sensitive side because we don’t get to see it very often, but the scenes with him in the parking lot were fantastic as well (I mean, it’s impossible not to laugh when Murray takes off his pants). And the scenes get even funnier when you see the real footage at the end. I also thought that Adam was great in this episode. Sean did a fantastic job portraying him, I loved the paintball scenes. And I also thought it was great that they recreated the ‘Operation Waffle Girl’ scene from the pilot.
I’m liking this season a lot so far. At the end of season 3 I was worried about the Geoff and Erica’s storyline, but I think it’s done great so far. It looks like they might get together soon, and I’m curious how that’s going to be.
Rating: 9.5/10