Chicago Med (S02E02): "Natural History"

Chicago Med is continuing to prove itself as NBC’s newest hit. “Natural History” brought so many different elements together in a fast paced, yet easy to follow episode.
The development of a transgender character made Chicago Med much more relatable to the whole society of viewers. It was honest and real. I hope the writers continue this storyline, especially since the patient will be getting treatment in Chicago.
The “hysterical” pregnancy was a very interesting plot twist, but I wish we could understand more about why this happens, or what happens after the diagnoses. I felt like the plot got a little lost because it was trying to develop a relationship between Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles opposed to being primarily about the illness.
I’m continually interested in Dr. Latham and his religious background. His relationship with Dr. Rhodes is affected by this, as well as his ability to get around the hospital – as we see when he is waiting for the elevator to come to the right floor rather than being able to press the button. I think it would be helpful for viewers to understand more about his beliefs to fully understand him as a character. Also, will we ever see or get an explanation for his temper tantrums?
Overall this episode fit in nicely with the series, but it would be best if the writers would go deeper into character backgrounds in upcoming episodes.