Blue Bloods (S07E03) "The Price of Justice"

This episode deals with some serious issues as well as some lighthearted ones. On the lighthearted side we have Jamie and Eddie providing security on a TV show about cops. The irony here is just too much. I had to laugh. Jamie and Eddie question the technical advisor about some of the things they did wrong. The advisor says it makes things easier. This technical advisor has told everyone he used to be a cop. Later we find out it isn’t true. One of the actresses comes up to Jamie and Eddie and asks for advice on making the show look more real. They give the advice and later Jamie and Eddie get in trouble for it. It’s rather humorous. At the end, the show’s director finds out their advisor was a fake and asks Jamie to do it but Jamie says he has a job.
On the serious side, Danny and Baez are called to an assault and rape case. The victim is Emily. She doesn’t want to press charges against her boyfriend Brandon because she doesn’t want to face him in court. It turns out that Brandon has done this to three other girls and has gotten away with it. His father is rich and provides Brandon with a good lawyer. 
Danny and Baez argue over whether Emily is making the right choice in not prosecuting. Danny says he understands because Emily doesn’t want to go through all that just to have Brandon get off anyway. Baez wants Emily to testify and press charges.
Later Emily confesses that at first she went along with some of Brandon’s more extreme ideas but this last time he got out of control and she begged him to stop. 
Erin gets in on the act and wants to prosecute but Brandon’s attorney rips her to shreds. Finally Emily wears a wire and gets Brandon to admit he went too far and wants to make it up to her. They go back to her apartment and he calls her bad names and says she liked it. Danny and Baez are there to make Brandon go away.
In the end, Danny comes around and watches Brandon as he tries to seduce another girl. Danny tells the girl what Brandon has done to other women and the girl leaves. He tells Brandon there are 30,000 police in NYC and they will all be watching Brandon.
Frank’s situation is both funny and serious at the same time. Frank is at some event for an organization that donates money to the police force. One of the donors is named Sy and he donates $5,000,000. Yes, you read that right. He hugs Frank and Frank is very uncomfortable over the public display of affection. Things get worse with the Sy situation as he is picked up after the event speeding with his gun out on the dashboard. Sy gets out of being arrested as he has a courtesy card from Frank which is basically a get out of jail free card.
Frank has Sy come to the office and they dance around the issue of how donors like Sy are important but that doesn’t give them the right to break the law. Frank asks for his pistol permit back as it was only to allow Sy to have the weapon in his home. Sy gives it up. He says he carried the gun with him because he had been held up before.
Later, some of Frank’s staff talk to him and tell him he might need to go easier on Sy so Frank meets with Sy again and gives him a concealed weapon permit so he can legally carry his gun. I am surprised Frank caved on this one.
This was rather an emotional episode with the situation with Emily and Brandon. I thought Blue Bloods handled it beautifully. What did you think of the episode?